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LS/VTEC Conversion.

For the LS/VTEC you'll need the following:
1. b16a/b18c/b17 head, cams, head bolts, cam seals, and ECU.
Most people get the b16 head 'cause it's way cheaper and easier to find. the gsr combustion chamber is smaller yielding a higher CR and more hp (slightly). The best reason to use the b16a head is you can use Integra typeR (ITR) intake manifold with it, shown in figure1. As you can see, the TypeR manifold has much shorter/fatter runners than that of the b18a (1993 shown).

2. If you get a b16 head, you need a b16 intake manifold. Same goes for the other: you'll need the respective intake manifolds.
3. You'll also need a 92+ b16a fuel rail or 92+ Integra one if you use the ITR manifold.
4. You can use your (teg) distributor but you have to chop off one of the legs to make it fit (the one that gets in the way of the VTEC solenoid.).
5. You need to tap and seal an oil-line on the back distributor side of the head (shown below) and bore out two of the dowel pin holes on your new head.  The dowel pins on the b18a/b are in the Back but the ones on the VTEC heads are on the Front so you need to enlarge the ones on the back of the head to 14mm to match your block (shown as #1 and #4 on the pic below).

6. You'll have to get a steel braided oil line, fittings, and a T joint to run the oil from the block (oil press. sender hole) to the VTEC Solenoid.
7. You need a B18a/b head gasket and an intake manifold gasket that corresponds to your manifold. not to mention a VTEC valve cover and VTEC sparkplug wires.
8. You can use your b18a/bTB, but a gsr/ITR one is recommended due to their superior flow characteristics.
9. Also, your upper radiator hose will be about 2" too short. You'll need to get a universal hose from pep boys ($10).
10. Since the most common b16a heads come from 89-91 b16a's, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting better/new Valve springs because after a decade or so they become soft and this can happen:

You should expect to pay the following:
b16a head: $300-350 USED
head bolts(10) $60 NEW
intake man $250 NEW
cams around $250 each NEW
Ecu $300
head gasket: $50 NEW
fuel rail $50 used
wires: $70
spark plugs: $10
valve cover $180 NEW   or $50 USED
cam seals $15
steal braided oil line: $20-50
fittings: $10

I think that's it. this comes to $1300-1700 depending on what kinda deals you get. Expect not to rev more than 8K* without problems and 185-195hp. If you get b16a2 pistons, properly tuned you should have about 190-200 hp to the flywheel. This is more than enough to take out your local G3 GS-R!  That's all I can think of.

*Disclaimer: REV AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Although, if built properly, this can be a very reliable and powerful setup, you can serious jack-up your motor if you don't take the proper precautions. Examples of this would be assuming that 10yr old springs or rod bolts are as strong as new.

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