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G2IC members have been helping each other with their 2nd generation Integras (1990-1993 USDM) since 1997.

  • 2022-Nov-10: The forum is under test with real users right now for a few days. Hope to reopen soon afterward if all goes well.

  • 2022-Aug-15: Moving usernames to appropriate user groups. (Action cancelled).

  • 2022-Aug-14: The forum is on the new host. Emails are working again. Just doing general setup and functional tests now.

  • 2022-Aug-13: To fix the email issue, the forum is being moved to another web host.

  • 2022-Jul-01: Formatting is almost complete; however, there are some issues with existing registrations and email sending.

  • 2022-May-5: The forums have been transitioned to new software. It is currently being formatted to ease navigation etc.

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Thank you for your continued patience and support during this long and arduous process.