Generation 2 Integra Club

The massive G2IC database is undergoing cleaning, reorganizing, and reformatting to a new setup.

  • 2021-Jun-03: While the forum has been working well on the new host, the forum software does not allow an appropriate transition: using third party efforts have been unsuccessful due to how convoluted and piecemeal the forum works. We are researching additional options. Keeping the forum where it is will be too expensive, which is why it is currently unavailable to the public.

  • 2021-Apr-27: The forum has been successfully reinstalled onto a new server, but not publicly available. Given that this is a clean, working install, we will have a good foundation regarding transitioning to a new hosting solution. I am still processing "G2IC Data Pull" requests (see below) when I have time.

  • 2021-Apr-06: The forum continuously fails to import the data into a clean installation. Contacted forum support; but without a working site, it is more difficult and time-consuming to diagnose the issue.

  • 2021-Feb-21: Time constraints have limited work on processing data. If you need something from the G2IC forums, please email with the subject "G2IC Data Pull". All other emails may be ignored. Provide as much detail as you can: dates, usernames, thread titles, etc.

  • 2020-Dec-29: Adjusted domain to sever malware links. Continue careful data extraction.

  • 2020-Dec-18: Discovered massive malware infiltration of VBulletin database (previous forum software).

  • 2020-Nov-13: Database mapping begins.