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Eibach Pro Street S Full Coilovers


Eibach Pro Street S Full Coilovers

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    Eibach Pro Street S Full Coilovers

    After a bit of a hiccup with my first suspension choice, I opted for these beauties. (pics to follow). The Eibach Pro Street S is the suspension guru's more autocross/track oriented daily suspension as it were. Adjustable height, all stainless construction, no dampening adjustability, but for a street car it's not fully necessary. Word is ERS will be available to allow customers custom spring rates.

    My buddy has these on his EF hatch. They are extremely comfortable overall, but they tighten up so fast when pushed, it's hard to believe they are the same setup. (EF configuration has a helper spring. DC setup has one progressive spring).

    I opted for the DC suspension b/c I already had the forks and have run a DC setup for a long time. The rear setup might be a bit funky but we'll see. There is a nice range of adjustability so we'll see how they do.

    SO. I'll get to work on pics and getting things installed and aligned and hit you all back with a review.

    Initial Unpacking Response

    First my props to Eibach for packaging. Thick cardboard and heavy paper wrapping protect the components from damage.

    These are extremely beautiful coilovers, the best I've seen in person. I've personally handled Tiens, Konis, Ksports, KYBs, Buddy Clubs, HKSs, Skunk2s, and Omnipowers. None of them are as pretty as the Eibachs. In addition none of them have the fit and finish of these coilovers. The welds are perfect. They are heavy (44lbs with all shipping stuff), but the quality is 110% apparent just by handling them. Bumpstops are Eibachs own design (and the same ones used on realtime's cars). Dust shields are provided, and the whole setup comes preassembled (sans the factory top hat). Utilizing the factory top hat allows for a quieter and more comfortable ride.

    So far I like what I see.

    Eibach Pro Street S coilovers (DC Spec)
    Skunk2 Front Camber Kit
    Neuspeed 4 point strut bar (new )
    Explicit Speed Performance Traction Bars
    Progress DC Rear Sway Bar
    Nitto Neo Gen Tires on 16" OZ Superturismo wheels.

    Eibach Ad:
    "Now using the very same Eibach technology used in Formula 1 racecars, you an get each corner of your vehicle looking and performing at its very best. Eibach’s exciting new Pro-Street-S, stainless steel-bodied coil-over spring/damper packages allow serious drivers the ability to quickly adjust the ride height and corner weight of each individual wheel, giving them the ultimate in flexibility for precise street and track tuning.

    Eibach ERD Racing Dampers and ERS Racing Springs are used in top-level racing series all over the world. We have used this experience, gained from many decades at the highest levels of International Motor Sport, including Formula 1, NASCAR, CART, IRL, Super Touring Car and the World Rally Championship, to put these technological masterpieces into the hands of performance enthusiasts everywhere. "

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    Where's the pics


      Pics are coming. But DAMN these things are nice. Epicly smooth ride. DIdn't get a change to really test them though b/c the car is leaking oil badly.