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    Does anyone have any experience with HMD Performance's bodykits? Particularly the R33 front kit? Here's a picture -

    How do they fit, any really major modifying necessary?

    Any quality problems?

    If you have that actual front kit, what did you pair it with (sideskirts, rear)?

    How were they with standing behind their product?


    in general discussion there is a whitesquad thread, search through those pics and you ll find pics of a car with that kit. it doesn't fit right in my opinion but who am i hope that helps


      VIS is in my opinion one of the best to get bodykits from, they are guaranteed 100% fitment, and they are completely oem. I got mine and all I had to do was put on the metal bumper and it all went perfectly on. I bought the R34 bodykit, they are a little more expensive, but in my opinion you get what you pay for, and it's VIS.


        dont get anything from i got a replacment bumper for my old prelude and not only was the fitment off horribly, but the fiberglass quality was shitty, and the finish was disgusting i had to pay extra for the bumper to be resurfaced with filler and resin.


          I'm getting a new block instead of the kit, thanks everyone for the input though!