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PGMFI, automotive engineering info, startup/driving/basic tips


PGMFI, automotive engineering info, startup/driving/basic tips

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    PGMFI, automotive engineering info, startup/driving/basic tips

    ix) Consequently, in B2B traffic – a) Don’t sw off the ignition if you have to stop for < 2-mins – like any other Car from fuel saving point of view - and b) use either the first or Second Gear to move – WITHOUT STEPPING ON THE THROTTLE – BY MANIPULATING THE CLUTCH ONLY.
    To sum-up, in order to get the best behaviour and performance out of an Mpfi Engine, one needs to take care of the following ‘O n M’ practices :

    i) That an Engine is correctly tuned at every PMP prescribed interval at a reliable A/S/C and ensured that the ECU is re-booted every time as above.

    ii) Only ‘UN-ADULTERATED’ ‘Premium’ Petrol’s PR good quality regular Petrol with approved ‘Additives’ is used regularly, like a daily vitamin pill, in the recommended dose.

    iii) There should be no ‘un-authorised’ Electrical Fitments of any kind – not even a Music System.

    iv) The Air Cleaner Filter Element should be got cleaned with compressed air every 2500 kms, by making a special trip to your Garage. It’d take less than 10-minutes do it.

    v) To Start the Engine evry time, sw on the key upto ‘ign’ only i.e. don’t crank the engine. You will then be able to hear the Fuel Pump in the Tank come up for a few seconds and then go off, followed by some clicking of relays in the passenger cabin. This means the fuel injection system on the engine is now fully ‘primed’. Crank the Starter now.

    vi) After every such start, without stepping on the Accl pedal, one should wait for Atleast 10-secs to let the ECU ‘get ready’ for the journey.

    vii) To shift gears on an Mpfi Engine, one needs to let go of the Accelerator a shade ‘before’ getting to the clutch – as opposed to the Carb ones we have all been used to. This will help prevent over revving of the engine during gearshifts.

    viii) In B2B traffic move in I/II gear only, by manipulating the Clutch only as far as possible, w/o stepping on the Accl Pedal.

    ix) Keep in mind that some over revving ~ 1500 rpm for short periods is inevitable in mpfi Cars – from EU-II compliance points of view.
    i especially took note of the "no gas with clutch in traffic", priming the fuel pump before cranking, and 10 second startup tips. i actually did these already, but now i know why

    "know your vehicle" (tons of articles, sort of like a