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    Posting Pictures on

    I know that some people are not computer literate like most of us so I thought I would post the proper way to post a picture on

    How to post up pictures you want show:

    1. Go to and register(its free)

    2. Upload your pictures. Once your photos are uploaded, just click on the photo you want to link to your post or thread. Make sure to keep the thread open in a separate window so you will be able to "copy & paste" to your post reply.

    3. Right click on the photo after you have opened up your photo.

    4.Select "Properties"

    5. Highlight the Address(URL) example:

    6. Right click on the highlighted Address(URL) and click "copy"

    7. Now go back to the Post Reply window and click on the "Insert Image" icon

    8. Now just erase whatever is in the address bar, and right click in the address bar and paste the (URL)Address into the address bar, and click "OK"

    9. Your picture will be linked to your post. Now just repeat the process for anymore pictures you want to link.

    Now hurry up and show us what you are talking about. We like pictures!!!