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The DA9 and the daily together.


The DA9 and the daily together.

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    The DA9 and the daily together.

    Well I installed new wheels and new BC coilovers so I brought out the DA9 to take a couple of pictures of the two cars together.

    At the 1/8 mile drag strip no times as they have no timing system yet.

    Both cars are hot! Lovin' the stance on the DA and the IS 250's are a blast to drive!


      Looking good!

      Mine is still in pieces. Ended up having to do a full rebuild on the engine.

      I should be done by the end of next weekend.

      Waiting on a couple of parts that should be arriving this week.


        Loving the stance.

        Those Advan...16 or 17?

        Also, what do you think about the BC Coilovers? I thought about them for my Daily. Would like to know your opinion about Confort/quality.



          The Advans are 17s as for the BC's I love them. The car rides almost like stock for how low I have it. Hell right now the Tein HA's on the DA need a rebuild and I'm thinking of just getting another set of BC's for it instead.


            I didn't think 17s could that good on an integra. Nicee man



              Very nice looking IS bro. She looks mean with those rimz. I just installed my set of new shoes last week..

              Here are some pics of mine.... Hope you like. My Wife and I do....

              The Aggressive look.

              May be out that way this Friday with her or the DB1. Not sure yet cause the DB1 is...... Well, here is a pic of how she is now....

              Took the shoe's to the shop for that new look I told you about. Hope to have them back by late this week.


                If you come out here friday call me up. The Mrs. and I would like to hang out with you guys.

                BTW: The IS is begins to be lowered.