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fogs to parking lights?


fogs to parking lights?

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    fogs to parking lights?

    Can anyone help me out? i wanna put my factory and aftermarket fogs on my parking light switch but i wanna do it the right way... i took a cable and stuck it to the fuse in the fuse box and then grounded the other wire wasn't getting the full power out of em tho... any suggestions?

    i would suggest searching lol always check out the Teg tips they kick ass here yah go


      i tried to tell you, lol. (no hate). but good ol' stevo was there to help you out


        Try using a Bosch relay with the parking light wire as the trigger.

        87 +12 volt Battery (fused)
        30 To Fog lights
        86 -12volt ground
        85 +12 volts trigger from parking light wire.


          depending on which set of fog-lights you want wired to your parking lights, follow this procedure...

          if you're wanting your aftermarket fogs to come on ONLY when your parking lights etc. are on, take the 12v power wire (HOT) and connect it to free pin B in the fuse box (see diagram in quote below):

          Originally posted by imcnblu View Post

          *A provides a constant 12v
          *B provides 12v with parking/indicator lights
          *C provides a constant 12v, has its own circuit and uses fuse 13
          *D provides 12v when switch is on “accessory” and on
          *E provides 12v when ignition is “on”

          did some research online, found a diagram of the box and dug up what each pin does. There you go.
          run the hot wire (with a female connector) to that pin (PLEASE USE AN INLINE FUSE FOR SAFETY) and just use the other wire for a ground (as you should already have done)

          i had a set of aftermarket fogs on my teg a few years back, and i did that exact procedure.

          basically, if the car was on, they were off unless the parking and/or headlights were on.

          I had already previously performed the "fog-light" trick with the OEM foglights, so what I would do is during the day, I'd turn my parking lights on, and have my stock fogs on as well. with Amber corners, yellow fogs *in the front grille*, and bright OEM fogs, it made for a pretty menacing appearance on the road during the day. Night driving employed headlights of course.

          pics of my fog setup, as described above:
          daytime, less than 10 minutes after completed install:

          night shots, the pics speak for themselves:

          hope that helps. if that is the info you were looking for, glad i could help.


            sorry i told you im new i didnt see the teg tips thing but yea i wired em up to the fuse box and grounded it to the body but they dimmed then i just wired em to my oem fogs but that still doesnt help my problem of getting em hooked to my parking lights... idk maybe my battery cant handle all that lol ill just wire em to a switch nd the battery like the instructions say... boooo.

            thanks for all the advice tho


              i had a dimming issue as well. if they are dimming, try using a different area for the ground.

              i tried 2 different spots before settling on the 3rd spot as the ground location.

              if the ground is weak, they'll definitely have trouble lighting up. i can't remember exactly where i grounded mine, but it was somewhere behind the passenger headlight, IIRC. been a few years, so i'm not 100% sure on where i grounded it. the lights are long gone. i installed JDM 1pc headlights, took the fogs off, and never looked back

              i refused to wire mine to the switch that was included with the light kit. it was the generic red toggle switch that comes with every switch operated light ever made. i hated it, as it looked very tacky. as soon as i opened the packaging, i tossed it. i'm just anal about details like that, though. if you don't mind the look of the switch, then by all means do it. i'd try a few different ground spots first.

              good luck, man let me know if you need anymore help