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Socal big honda/acura free b.b.q meet.


Socal big honda/acura free b.b.q meet.

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    Socal big honda/acura free b.b.q meet.

    the only reason its labeled like that is since we also are inviting some Ferios from HT. this is more than open to all Honda/Acura makes.

    if you are coming to eat please donate some cash to the members fronting the food. bring a canopy, chairs, etc since there may not be enough seating/space.

    don't invite people you know, who are just there to be trouble makers.

    Originally Posted by momoEG9
    super socal big B.B.Q jdm honda legg lake
    DATE: October 17,2009 saturday at 12:00 noon.

    photo shoot
    fun and games
    civic line up by line. integra line up by line and so on. for the flick.
    group shot that was there.
    FREE FOOD yes i siad it FREE food just havin a blast.. with everyone.interduce urself to everyone..

    (note) this is a jdm honda car Meet.
    all car are welcome in. all car will park to the right side that not a honda or acura. just dont forget 5$
    to get in the gate park for parking guys. that goes for all of us even myself.

    and dont be empty handed it a friendly b.b.q jdm honda meet. so try bring something

    people just all chip in ,meat,hotdog,bun,pattie,chip,ice,soda,water,cup,sp oon,and so on ..

    I will bring a big box of chicken wing that feed about 150 people.

    (Note) family and kids are welcome to .. cuz iam bring my wife and 2 kids too .

    there games and sport to play i will be puttin it up vollyball net up ....

    so get ur ride ready in 59 days for this date october 17,2009.

    note dont forget your fishin poll and bait it a big lake there ..

    RULE:: please no smashing,burning,wheel spinning,loud music,anything that loud beside an exhust.

    we here to have fun and meet new friend and people and car.. so dont burn the spot.. so we wont get kick out .

    let turn up this honda meet out to be the best meet ever.. in socal..

    any ? holla at momoeg9 or pata.. please no flaker if u say you comin then come dont flake.

    not meetin up anywhere just go st8 to the lake so no one get lost ..


    Orange county : 5 north to the 57 notrh to 60west exit rosemead goin south
    go down till u see Durfee ave turn left we will be on left handside in parkin lot

    L.A. county: 5 south to 60 east exit rosemead goin south till u reach
    durfee ave make a left .. be on left hand side parkin lot.

    Long beach: 710 north 60 east east exit rosemead goin south till u reach
    durfee ave make a left .. be on left hand side parkin lot.

    Riverside county: 91west to 57 north 60west exit rosemead goin south
    go down till u see Durfee ave turn left we will be on left handside in parkin lot

    San bernardino county 10west to 57south to 60 west exit rosemead goin south
    go down till u see Durfee ave turn left we will be on left handside in parkin lot

    San deigo 5 north to 710 north 60 east ..exit rosemead goin south till u reach
    durfee ave make a left .. be on left hand side parkin lot.

    Legg Lake, CA : Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local

    how far is this form long beach?


      legg lake in google maps pulls it right up.
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        Originally posted by BLACSUKI View Post
        how far is this form long beach?
        from long beach it 15 min or 20 min it off the 710 and 60 .. iam from long beach too .. total we have about 49 car that comin on the list .. but it on d-serie and honda tec .. it a very big meeet ....... so yea ... it not far from where we at bro ..


          im in

          will b there 4 sure. im n pomona any1 interested n meeting up and caravanin to the meet hit me up at 236 0359 (909)



            wow we have over 300 car from other site .that goin .. . i forgot that i post it on g2ic .. my bad guys .. but yea it all over about this big meet people exciter .. i hope to see my g2ic member be there guys ..



              bump ttt


                looks like ill see you guys there imma roll hopefully its gonna be nice and shiny


                  Park gate fee is now 6 bucks.


                    wow park gate fee it 6 buck .. cant be .. i just came there and it was 4 dollar .. and summer it over .. .. oh well we have over 200 car so far come from all over .. the meet is in 3 other web site too .. everday i have at least 13 email about the meet from diffent person ... so this meet gonna be very fun vith alot of people ..


                      300 cars, wow.
                      i dont believe that.

                      but tell me how the meet goes, i have work that day!


                        fo sho


                          I wish that I could go.

                          I was never invited to this event.....

                          Maybe next time...?


                            wow thanks guys .. iam not gonna lie this meet was dope bro .. i had a very goood time myself ... and iam glad u guys did too .. iam glad to meet most of u guys ... and that good u guys all had a great time ..... thanks agin for showing up and and being there at my meet .. .. thanks for the tip .. nastyhabit thanks for the v-tec head and thanks to everyone that did bring something .. and thanks to all of u guys that made it .. it was a very good turn out i mean it. it was a very very good turn out .. hope to see u guys agin soon.. i dident had time to that no pic .. not even 1 pic .. so please who every did took pic please post it up asap .. so i can blow it up big and take it to a 1 hour photo .. and i will send every one a big ass copy .. of the group pic.. thanks agin ... to my g2ic member and honda-tec and d-series thank for all comin .... to g2ic member thanks for comin in a very nice group guys ..... and i am glad u guys love the food ..


                              man iam over here at home being online every second just see the group picture.., i was the host and i dident even get one pic on my camra that sux .... huryy and post that shit ..


                                I sure did have a good time....But, man was it HOT there......

                      [email protected]/4021419172/

                                My ride was over heating.....I had to use the A/C in traffic....

                                Plus, standing by my DA, I could hear a Coolant heissing sound....

                                Here's a picture that you folks been waiting for...My Hard Ride....?
                                Inactive Member
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                                  the pix

                                  hey can u send me the photos u have . this truda9. i had the black da. [email protected]


                                    this it was the meet picture that soe of the guys took .. i thanks some of g2ic member that came to my meet ... happy u guys had a great time here are most of the picture .. every one had told me this was the best street meet they ever went .. iam glad u guys ate good and had fun ..
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                                      here some slide show 1 and 2 .. it most of them .. i get more soon ..




                                        Those are some cool pictures MOMO...
                                        I see that got everyone, even the Elements.....
                                        But, it sure hot on that day.....


                                          yea man there was cool pic .. but there only one picture i love it the group picture that the shit ...... and there so much picture they just havent post it on yet ..



                                            all the pic an video .. to people miss out big .. on a big street meeet .




                                              DIDNT REALLY GET TO MANY!!