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    Black 2D Teg

    About 2 months ago I was contacted by Cesar Delgado, member name: Black 2D Teg, regarding manual seatbelts I had for sale. At that time I didn't have any for sale. I told him that I will let him know if I find any. He also asked if I could find him a set of pillars for a 240sx for a manual seatbelt conversion. I told him I would try to get a set for him.

    Well a couple weeks later I found a set of manual seatbelts with pillars for a DA, and pillars for a 240sx. He didn't need the seatbelts for the 240sx because he said he already got some from elsewhere.

    So we work out a deal for everything. He would have got manual seatbelts and pillars for a DA and pillars for a 240sx, that I went out of my way to get for him, plus cash for a JDM cluster and JDM bumper lights. This deal was made over 6 weeks ago.

    I didn't recieve any money order or anything, which he said he sent out over a month ago. So I contacted him many times via email, as that is the only way to get a hold of him, and he replied to me after 5 weeks of sending him emails. He states he was out or busy and couldn't check email, yet he had the time to check his threads in the commerce forum on

    So I have a set of 240sx pillars for manual seatbelts, that I went out of my way to get for Black 2D Teg, of which I have no use for now.

    Apparently he just sold the JDM cluster to someone else, when he said he was going to trade them to me.
    Here's the thread where I found out that he sold the jdm cluster to someone else.

    So I found out this way and guessed our deal is off. He never contacted me or told me anything, I never hear from this guy.

    He seems to be ignoring me as he hasn't replied to any of emails.

    So he asks me to get him pillars for a 240sx, and doesn't want to pay for them, and gives me the run-around and some BS.

    My fault for trying to be a nice person and helping a fellow member out.

    Bad guy to deal with. Makes a deal, and says he's going to pay up but doesn't and then ignores me.

    Some other people might have had good transactions with him, but I have not.
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    That sucks Tommy, shitty to hear, youre such a good seller too, always willing to help people out.


      Had the same problem with him. Lags and puts you off till he feels like replying.