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Da9 Suspension build


Da9 Suspension build

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    Da9 Suspension build

    thinking about buying some suspension parts, wanted some vets to lmk if lower control arms, lower tie bar, and subframe brace are easy bolt on's.( i heard about the lca bolts...) thanx in advance

    do you have a budget? what are your plans with the car? for example is it going to be a daily driver? are you going to autocross? track? drag?


      Get good shocks first. Tokico illumina's or koni's. Those and good springs will make the biggest difference suspension wise.


        dont really have a budget, but i have goos shocks already, and its definitely a daily driver....


          What do you have done to your suspension already? The first thing you would want are some quality coils and springs. Then definitely bushings as ours are usually in rather poor condition. Also what about balljoints and tierods? Do you have camber adjustment? The rear subframe brace would depend on your swaybar choice. What are your goals as our advice will strongly depend on your response?

          To answer your question, if your frame is straight and free of major rust then installation of the forementioned parts should be rather simple.

          If you haven't done the supporting modifications the benefits of these parts are largely negligible besides for looks, which will attract both positive and negitive attention.


            thanx for the advice, i might but parts little at a time because even though i bought a car with what i think has good coils and what not, im better off buying as much new things as possible


              You will be best waiting and learning more as it sounds like you have very little knowledge of suspensions. Here is what I have now, and I am more then happy with everything but the stock crossmember and the struts.

              tokico blues on eibach sportlines

              spc rear upper control arms

              revo front upper control arms

              full energy suspension bushing kit

              oem trailing arm bushings

              suspension techniques rear 19mm swaybar

              steel front strut brace

              When I redo the suspension I plan to change much of this out. My plans are for

              new poly bushings with certain bushings being replace with sphericals...
              In the places I am reinstalling poly bushings I will be installing grease zirks.

              koni yellows on custom rate ground controls and tophats

              custom traction bars and bracing in the front

              asr subframe with undecided swaybar, but obviously not the st bar

              progress or st front bar

              legend brake upgrade

              stock front upper control arms with adjustment built into the shock towers

              this will be more of a weekend driver but with definite upgrades from my last setup.


                ^^^^^i kno my suspension, im just tryna stay away from what a really dont gotta change, but i see wat u sayin.

                how much u droppin on all this (out of curiosity)


                  The eibach sportlines are supposed to be around 2 inches