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Some general suspension/wheel ?`s


Some general suspension/wheel ?`s

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    Some general suspension/wheel ?`s

    OK first off, I have heard mixed reviews on dropzone coilovers, they are half the price of the skunk2`s I wanted to get. I am going to pair these with KYB AGX which ever ones they are, cuz I have them on my 240sx and I love them. But yea I dont even have a DA9 yet I am still trying to sell my 240sx to get a DA9 (dont flame lol) But yea So ai m undecided between the two. Another thing is I dont mind a kinda harsh ride I am performance always before being comfortable.
    Another thing is I plan To get 17`s sum like exel or drag wheels, so the offset is gonna bet like 40-45 I want to be slightly tucked in the front and flush to the fender in the back like .2 inches higher, you guys know what imt alking about, byt yea am I gonna have to run crazy camber so i dont rub? I am gonna get a camber kit for the front and alignment so I can get rid of the toe problem, but I want to have a little camber all around because I like the stabability you get from it in turns. Another thing does the DA9 have bad understeer problems?
    Well yea thats all I can think of I hope you guys can help me out, also find me a decent DA9 in norcal/oregon.

    i have the maxspeed agx combo.

    Consider these things:

    how long you'll have the car
    Ride quality
    Performance quality
    Product quality

    Maxspeed, which is the best generic coil w/ a adverstised rate of 572/472 is a cheap coil. Here's what i've taken....

    Put them on last spring. Was happy with results. 2weeks later, powder coating peels off. Springs are rusty now. Stiff ride. NOT BOUNCY with the AGX, But stiff. Not harsh, but with 150k suspension busshings, IT SUCKS! I have a creaky, squeaky, harsh hitting PIA suspension. Even though My BJs are fine, everytime i hit big bumps it feels like they're about to break, because of old bushings and cheap hard springs.

    I also thing the AGX are not good enough for these if you go lower than 1.5. The rears are prob fine cuz they're longer for the CRX. I dont think this suspension will last long. ALSO, one thing that is never discussed about generic coils is SAG! For a car you want to drive a long time, plan on having your springs sag, which is not good for coils when they are already close together.

    BUT.... I went autoxing and DAMN! awesome stiffness. It really is incredible what high spring rates do. The car handles on rails, but its like having cement blocks as wheels. I'm changing it next spring.


    sorry about the long terrible rant but you can find this on a search and dont need to read my bad grammer.


      Wow, good info about the maxspeed coilovers. I'm putting Koni yellows and maxspeeds on over the winter for autocross next year. I have energy suspension bushings throughout, but I'm not happy with a few of them so I'm replacing a few with new OEM bushings (radius rods and front lower control arm inner bushings).

      Everyone's warning me about harshness, but I got the coilovers for $80 CAD, so I HAVE to try them


        stock offset is 40. you probably won't need real bad camber. Understeer is pretty bad, springs should help some, a rear sway bar is even better. for a car, maybe check out partiboi's car for sale?

        90RioGS, what didn't you like about the energy suspension bushings you mentioned?


          Well, for the radius rod bushings, I may have installed them incorrectly, or they may have just worn very fast, but if you get under the car, you can actually move the lower control arms fore and aft by hand because there's so much play in the bushings. The lower control arm bushings wore VERY fast (even though I always kept them well lubricated) and so the control arms move side to side as well.

          Other than that, I think the rest of the bushings are in pretty decent shape at least for the time being.

          Also, my car understeered pretty badly at autocross last year, but this year I put the ES trailing arm bushings in and now my car is almost neutral. My brother's RSX w/ Eibach Pro-kits understeers much worse than my car now. With the maxspeed coilovers, I might actually have problems with OVERsteer.


            17's are to big if u ask me they wont match the car at all !


              16`s do look better with sum 205 45 tires, but 17`s yes 17`s have a cheaper tires than 16`s.


                what tires are you looking at? and how much is the price difference?