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auto trans... s3 light blinking


auto trans... s3 light blinking

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    auto trans... s3 light blinking

    hey i guys i have a problem maybe you guys can help, my car is auto trans and the s3 light is blinking on the gauge cluster. also my rpm revs up and down... if anyone knows whats happening please help a brother out thanks guys...

    The S3 light works similarly to the check engine light. It will give you a series of blinks to tell you what is malfunctioning.

    How many times is it blinking?


      I performed a search on the web itself. This is what I came up with.
      1. (This Website will show a circuit diagram)

      2. (This Website will show all of the codes and their meanings. and a schematic of the Auto Trans. and the parts you will need to buy or find)

      The problem appears to be what I thought needed to be replaced. The 2 solenoids that sit on top of the Transmission towards the front. They are the control solenoid A & B (link #2 will show this).

      3. There's also another possibility. I just remembered when I removed my MFR(Main Fuel Relay) and attempted to start the car, The S3 light continously blinked. This replacement is not as costly about $65.00 at Acura. Or you can try Honda...just ask for the relay to a 90-91 Civic sedan EX- its usually cheaper - or even ask Acura to sell it at the Honda dealership price.
      I found this from Team Integra. This guy found all of the error codes from a Helms.

      Did some more searching and found this on another thread:
      The S3 light is the code the transmission is indicating an abnormal condition

      Under your dash, on the outermost driverside there is a control box for the Transmission. there is an LED display that will flash as well indicating what the malfunction is. this box is up about the same height the gauges are.

      The HELMS manual has a detailed breakdown of what the probable causes and fixes are for each code. I will give you a rundown of the codes for your AUTO 91 LS, but there is more detailed descriptions to the fault and fix.
      Pull your codes first, and let me know (in this thread)

      LED blinks S3 Symptom
      1 Blinks Lockup clutch does not engage/disengage. unstable idle speed.
      2 Blinks Lockup clutch does not engage
      3 Blinks/OFF Lockup clutch does not engage
      4 Blinks Lockup clutch does not engage
      5 Blinks Fails to shift other than 2nd to 4th gears (ie R).Lockup clutch does not engage.
      6 OFF Fails to shift other than 2nd to 4th gears (ie R).Lockup clutch does not engage. Lockup clutch engages/disengages alternately
      7 Blinks Fails to shift other than 1st to 4th, 2nd to 4th or 2nd to 3rd gears (ie R). Fails to shift (stuck in R)
      8 Blinks Fails to shift (stuck in 1st or 4th)
      9 Blinks Lockup clutch does not engage
      10 Blinks Lockup clutch does not engage
      11 OFF Lockup clutch does not engage
      13 Blinks Late Lockup clutch engagement
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        Had same problem and ended up being the main relay i replaced it and went away


          I will write my 1991 LH auto┬┤s fault codes here about s3. As soon as possible
          Best Regards


            My issue with the S3 was the Main Relay also. I resoldered mine and the issue which is caused by cheap solder being used went away. There are write ups online for soldering the point in the relay.


              S3 light

              Okay so Iv checked the forums but im still confused. My s3 light blinks and sometimes im parked and the car wont start but the light doesnt turn on and when i take the key out the s3 light begins to blink. I also checked the number of blinks and last time i counted 73 blinks so idk if thats even a code or something else is the problem. So what should i do? change a specific part? And if so where is it located?

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