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Auto Transmission and highway stutter


Auto Transmission and highway stutter

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    Auto Transmission and highway stutter

    ***i dont know what else you want me to do so stop deleting my posts please i really need this answered***

    ok so i just got back from buying an automatic four door DB1 so ive been but could not find an answer so here it is

    1. as i drove the car on the highway i kept it at 55 and it had a real bad stutter

    2. slipped a little bit going from 2nd to third.

    now i know i need a tranny mount for sure because at idle it shakes like a salt shaker

    but my actual question was if i clean the solenoids on the tranny will it make the problem go away??? what do i clean them with?

    has anyone used oem fluid with lucas hard shift??? Because i know if the fluid is burnt and brown the tranny is on its way out any helpful insight to this is appreciated thanks

    also does anyone know what that stuuter can be @ 55 thanks
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    first off have you changed the transmission fluid because believe it or not this can solve a lot of problems and just because the fluid is brown and burnt doesn't necessarily mean its on its way out it could mean the tranny fluid hasn't been changed in a long time its hard to say that if you clean out your solenoids whether or not the problems will go away so start by doing a transmission fluid change and flush is a +. Since your in that general area go ahead and clean the solenoids out and then see how it is after that at minimum at least change your tranny fluid and only use Honda ATF this is very important to use. I'm not sure about the stutter part though. Hope This Helps


      Stuttering by definition will have nothing to do with your transmission. This would be a problem related to incorrect timing, bad air/fuel ratio, misfiring, various valve issues, blah blah blah... We need to know what kind of 'stuttering' you are experiencing, and the things the car is doing when it happens, to be able to help you with this.

      No, brown ATF does not necessarily mean your transmission is going bad. It means one of two things:

      1. Like hondattic said, the fluid has not been changed in a long time (2-3 years or more is normal for ATF, the stuff lasts forever)

      2. Overheated, AKA cooked, fluid. Our automatics do not come with fluid cooling lines, and can generate ridiculous heat. I had an experience with mine while driving to Seattle, where my transmission had overheated and boiled a quart of fluid out through the vent hole and all over the side of my car. ATF is usually safe in ~210 degrees F and below. Much above that and it will basically start to self destruct.

      Slipping in automatics is common when there is too much fluid inside. Make sure you pour the correct amount in when you change it. I'm not so hard up on Honda branded fluids myself, there are a lot of fluids out there that will work with our autos, just don't get the cheapest one you can find. Honda ATF should be fairly cheap though, so if you see it snag it.


        car has 192k and i was taught not to replace the fluids if its brown because its the actual sludge that is keeping the clutch discs together as far as the stutter it's only at 55mph. i am going over the whole car today i also have a check engine so i am thinking it may have something to do with it.


          Well unfortunately if your fluid is that dark, your transmission won't be lasting much longer regardless of whether or not you change your fluid. If the transmission has been overheated enough, the adhesive on the back of your clutch packs (the stuff that bonds them to the friction material) has shit bricks, and the new transmission fluid will basically wash whatever is left of it away. The old fluid isn't so much 'holding it together' but rather is failing to act as a cleansing and filtering agent. This is why high mileage transmissions fail when people change the fluid.

          If that is the case, then the slippage is probably a result of your 3rd gear pack beginning to fail.

          If you are planning on replacing or repairing the transmission, you might want to consider not driving it altogether until you get that done. No telling what might happen if your clutch packs freeze up while it's in gear, transmission failures can be pretty catastrophic.

          If you absolutely must drive it, pop it into neutral before you step on the brakes. This is easier on your clutches, and will help reduce the heat generated by your transmission.


            the shutter at 55 is a good chance its the torque converter thats the speed it should lock up.


              i think that may be the culprit i went outside and i had a tranny leak dont know from where but its there

              i have a CEL code 9. i checked something to do with the distributor w/e but after i got the code 9 it flashed 20 times (short) now does anyone know what this means is there a code for this.



                so i figured out that the 20 blinks is some sort of eld problem im fine with that but do you guys think my stutter at 55 could have something to do with cel code 9? the cyp sensor?


                  Dunno, you got me on that one. If it was the problem, I would think it would cause it during certain rpm's or be obvious at idle. You could check it if you have time, it would be a good idea since it is throwing the code.


                    you can check it at different 55mph and go through the gear selector and note if it stutters in the different gears/rpms but going the same speed


                      Oneoffg2: Automatic Integras DO have transmission cooler lines. They run into the radiator. I got an aftermarket radiator (Fluidyne) installed and had to mount a separate transmission cooler near the battery.


                        Thank you, I stand corrected.