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car stuttering?


car stuttering?

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    car stuttering?

    hey well finally fixed my water leak everythings running good just wondering if i could get some help once again...

    so heres the problem

    i drive accelerate not lightly and not wot but when i let off theres like this stuttering? it just feels like the car is jerking fowards and backwards then stops as i slow down? i dont know how to describe it exactly.. any thoughts or similar problems

    More info would be very helpful, can you answer these questions for us?

    1. Is your car Auto or Manual?

    2. When you are driving, does this happen in a certain RPM range, or ONLY when you let off regardless of RPM?

    3. Does it feel like your motor is bogging, or more like the car is shaking?

    4. When you slow down are you downshifting, or slipping it into neutral?

    5. Put your car into Neutral and let it warm up for a minute. Rev it up to ~4k then let off the gas. Does it happen now?


      "More info would be very helpful, can you answer these questions for us?"

      1. Auto

      2. regardless of RPM (usually highway but also city )

      3. can you descride bogging to me? im new sorry

      4. just letting it slow down so downshifting i suppose

      5. no not in neutral


        have you ever changed the transmission fluid? If not check the transmission fluid level and try to look at the color and also smell it if there is a burnt smell this could be causing some problems inside the transmission basically the stutering your feeling.


          im going to sound really stupid but uh how/wheredo i check erg im not new just dont think iv done this


            no prob there should be a yellow dipstick on the right side of the battery tray as if you were looking at the engine its below and to the right of the tray to check the level you need to drive it for a little then check it after your done basically just to get the transmission fluid circulated. typically burnt fluid is brown and has a nasty odor to it.hope this helps.


              hmm ill look in the morning thanks whats the recommended fluid to refill with


                honda ATF ONLY it is specially formulated for Honda automatic trans.


                  hey i know the thread is hecka old but i was wondering if you ever resolved the issue and how? i just got my 93 DA about a year ago and maybe after 5 months of having it (barely driven at the time) i started having the same issues.
                  and sorry for just hopping onto this thread. im completely new here, let alone new to forums at all so im not sure if i should post a new one or what lol
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