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Intermediate shaft bearing


Intermediate shaft bearing

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    Intermediate shaft bearing


    Here's the long details. You can jump to the bottom for the questions I have.
    I have a sound coming from the car (pretty vague I know.) It was very difficult to tell if it was coming from the front or back. Over the past 4 weeks it has become louder.

    - It sounds very much like when your axel is going.
    - Only when driving
    - doesn't matter if it is in gear
    - it doesn't get louder if I turn left or right
    - It is not a constant pitch noise like the typical rear bearing issue
    - It is now definitely from the front, but can't tell what side.
    - I checked the brake calipers to make sure they are tight
    - I checked the axles for any tears.
    - I spun all four corners without the tires and felt no resistance or grinding.
    - I moved the front wheels left and right and up and down and all is tight.
    - If I do figure 8's in a parking lot, it does not get louder in either direction. It makes the noise only if I go straight or turn the wheel about half circle to the right. Beyond these points you don't hear it.

    I have basically narrowed it down to:

    - Inner axle joints
    - Front bearing in the hub
    - Intermediate shaft bearing

    I don't think it is the outer axle joints since it doesn't get worse when I turn to the extremes. The front bearings are a possibility but unlikely.

    Also in the past two weeks I started to hear a clunk or knock when coming to a halt or as soon as I start to go. I am wondering if this is related.

    My friend suggested it is one of the tires (not the rim). He had a case where he was going crazy thinking it was an axel and when a mechanic put it on a lift he showed him that the actual tire was warped.

    So question are:

    - What does it sound like when an inner axle joint starts to go?
    - What does it sound like when an intermediate shaft bearing starts to go?
    - How much does the bearing go for? And is it available at only the dealer? (Please suggest Canadian/MTL shops)
    - Does the axle look properly seated into the half shaft in the attached picture? (I may have oil leaking from the half shaft like you see in the pic, but I also realized the oil filter is right above it and may be the culprit of the oil leaking)

    Thanks for any of your input.
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    What does it sound like when an intermediate shaft bearing starts to go
    Mine is on its way out. It sounds like a churning in the gauge cluster. I first thought it was perhaps the speedometer cable. With the car up on jackstands I unbolted the intermediate shaft bracket and tried moving it around, I was able to replicate the sound I was hearing while driving.

    How much does the bearing go for? And is it available at only the dealer?
    I haven't replaced the parts yet but I picked them up online:
    I bought parts 25 through 29. I'm not sure about non-OEM, I never checked any of the local parts stores.


      I checked the dealer for the bearing and it is 31$ so not bad. I didn't check for the other parts that should be replaced at the same time but I am sure they are a few bucks each.

      I guess if I pop out the axle, should I be able to spin the bearing by hand freely?


        Yeah if you took out the axle you should be able to check the bearing and how freely it spins. I was able to recreate the sound mine was making by just unbolting the bracket and moving it around.
        You have to press the bearing out of the bracket BTW, that is why I haven't gotten mine done yet. I called a local shop and they said they would do it for about $25 if I brought the parts in though.