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clutch adjustment

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    clutch adjustment

    Does anyone knows how to adjust the clutch..... in my car is to high, and i would like it to be like around the middle....
    please let me know....

    We are lucky in the fact that we have a cable clutch that takes a few spins of the wrist to adjust, no tools needed.

    1. Open the hood and look at the battery.
    2. The cable adjuster is to the right and below the battery tray. It points upward. There is a plastic collar that you spin up or down to adjust. Its easily accessible.
    3. Give it 2 turns then hop in the drivers seat to check the feel.

    It may be easier if you have a buddy that is not an idiot or drunk help out under the hood while you check the pedal feel.

    I would recommend doing this in an empty parking lot or non busy street. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get it perfect.

    If you can't adjust it enough then you may have a stretched out cable. It happens a lot on older Honda's. I've replaced a few and its not incredibly difficult or expensive to replace yourself.

    Good luck.