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Removing rack and pinion, need help!


Removing rack and pinion, need help!

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    Removing rack and pinion, need help!

    Hello and thanks for stopping by. I inherited a 1990 4 door RS with almost

    200k on it. I've been working on the steering issue for a couple of days now.

    Here's the problem - The power steering would pull hard left on occasions

    when left to idle or steering can be stiff while turning. Most of the time, it

    runs fine.

    I've tried swapping out the PS pump to no avail. Now I've removed the rack

    and pinion as far as the tie rods and the 4x14mm bolts holing it up. That is

    where I'm stuck and I believe there's a shaft connected from the steering

    wheel (not sure what it's called). Can anyone help me with the final steps of

    removing the rack?

    Thanks in advance'


    Inside the car just above the pedals there is a black pastic cover at the base of the steering column. If you remove that cover you will see the linkage where the steering wheel connects to the rod from the sterring rack. There is a bolt on the linkage that keeps it clamped to the the steering rack, once you remove that you can drop it

    Hint. best to keep the steering (wheel and rack) as centered as possible when your taking it out. and make sure your new rack is centered before putting ti back in. Eitther way you'll need an alignment but you don't want to be maxed to one side.


      Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Just got out of work and its 97 degrees out. Will try that right .... NOW!!! Thanks a ton. Will keep posting after the jobs done.


        So far, I've got the damn pin connecting to the rack off by loosening the bolt which clamps it in ... that's it. In order for the whole rack to be removed, I must drop the exhaust pipe before the cat and also drop the shift links. From what I've read, this will be a major pain in the ass. On my Integ, there's a heat shield the covers the bolts holding up shift link. This shield runs all the way back to the axle, held up by several rusted bolts. I plan to attck this task tomorrow.


          Rather than dropping the linkage from the bottom of the shifter and having to remove the entire heat shield, take it off from the other end where it bolts up to the tranny.

          Just gotta take out one bolt and the bitch pin and let it hang down


            Done and all is well! Yep! I took the bitch pin out near the tranny and and drop the exhaust. Also removing the driver side tie rod help the whole process come along. For the knocking out the pin, I raised the front end nearly 2 feet up in the air to allow more room to swing THE HAMMER!!! Lucky for me, I had the right sized punch. Took nearly 15 mins. Thanks a mil Sikredteg for telling me where the clamp for the pinion was. Just waiting for part to arrive.