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NYC: need head gasket replaced; engine swap?


NYC: need head gasket replaced; engine swap?

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    NYC: need head gasket replaced; engine swap?

    so my car started overheating 2 days ago
    pulled over at the nearest gas station
    checked the antifreeze in the reservour
    touched the top part of the hose, felt hot
    touched the bottom part of the hose connected to engine, felt kinda cool

    replaced the thermostat the next day... and the gauge cluster still displays engine overheating, after a couple of minutes of idling

    ...was advised by mechanic that i may need the head gasket replaced, which is not very cheap!
    unless someone out here in the 5 boro's can help me out and take on this side job?

    other than that, its a perfect opportunity to do a ls-vtec without spending too much?
    although my car IS an automatic, with dc 4-2-1 sports header, apexi world sport 2 muffler, and aem short ram intake

    how much do vtec heads go for?
    should i go the vtec route, vs. just getting the head gasket replaced?

    i dont plan on going too crazy for speed
    i figure i'll just leave the auto tranny on speed 3, and towards 500rpm before red-lining, release gas, and press that 'S' button to shift to 4th gear

    hit me up on aim: abz117
    if anyone can help out
    or have a reliable vtec head for sale, with everything that'll bolt and have it running

    Replacing a head gasket isn't hard. If you buy a service manual and have some skill of working on cars, you'll be able to do it. On the other hand, I may have a B16 head for sale. May have.