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No Spark- Ignition problem!


No Spark- Ignition problem!

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    No Spark- Ignition problem!

    it has been almost a month of troubleshooting, search (yes, I have searched here, honda-tech, team-integra, etc) and cussing. now I really need suggestions since I hit the dead end. car does not start.

    One day the car (93 GS) suddenly died on the highway. after towing home I started to figure out what it was. Apparently- no spark (there is fuel). So far have checked:

    1. All fuses- under hood and under dash- all OK.
    2. Spark plugs and wires- all OK, work in the other car just fine.
    3. Main relay- tested OK, there is 2 sec delay and click, fuel pump is priming, plenty of fuel on plugs. (took relay out and checked as instructed in helm's manual)
    4. Main Relay harness connections to ECU- all wires OK,
    there is connection between the relay and ECU,
    there are proper voltages , even the starter signal is present at ECU.
    also, there is 0 V for first 2 sec, then 12V at ECU. (at this point Helms manual tells me to test main Relay again.. dah, just checked it.
    5. Distributor- cap and rotor OK, replaced from working car, still no spark
    Ignition coil- replaced from working car, still no spark
    Igniter, ICM- replaced from working car, still no spark
    Performed ICM input test (per Helms manual)- all connections OK.
    Swaped the whole distributor from working car- still no spark.
    6. replaced ECU from (allegedly) working car (actually bought it from somenoe on honda-tech)- still no spark.
    7.I even have done this flashing test with 12V probe as described here, on page 5: no flashing- so bad ICM but there is no flashing from a known good ICM either.
    ( I also have a problem understanding why the clip has to be on positive bat terminal.. hmm , after checking the Helms manual, it would seem that ECU would pull the voltage to 0 so then it would flash.. who knows.. maybe.. anyway, no flashing.- ECU is not pulling the voltage low on YEL/GRN wire. so could it be 2nd bad ECU?
    8. checked all possible grounds, seems OK.
    9. checked the CPK, TDC, CYK sensor connections from distributor to ECU- all OK,
    10. no skipped teeth on cams and belt.

    so far my car is dead. it turns (starter and battery is OK) but does not start.

    At this point I have no clue how to continue and constructive input would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance.


    found the problem - timing belt snapped. many thanks for all your feedback.


      you didn't notice that your engine was turning a lot easier as if it had no compression with the broken timing belt?? any way, glad you found the problem.