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help with hard start after stall


help with hard start after stall

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    help with hard start after stall

    was up ya'll!!

    i am totally new to manual and tegs got the car for lesser then a month now and i got little confused.

    after i stall the car , sometimes it hard to start , i know and believed it is not starter or electry problem, everything is just like there is no fuel is the tank, but after i turn the key to 1 position and put it to 2 3 the car starts right up, the other way to start the car when it wont is to give it a little bit of gas, but after car started up , most of the time idle drops from 1000 to 100 -0 then it turns off when i dont give it alittle gas. normal starts are just fine , this only happens sometime after i stall it

    but one thing i noticed is ,everytime i start the car normally after driving it a while, the idle drops from 1200 to 400 and at 400 rpm engine wants to diebut never did , then it go back to normal 800 this happens in like 3-4 secs, but when the car is cold it stays 1500 and slowly goes down to 800

    i changed a fram fuel filter after 3 days i got the car , i though it was a bad fuel filter cuz i always dont like fram, then i replaced spark plugs with ngk ix irixnium but still the problem not going away, from what i remember this problem never happend before i changed the fuel filter, could it be a bad fram fuel filter or an old fuel pump? or something you can think of that makes sense. long thread, sorry fellas1 integra rocks!!!!!



      seems like u need a pretty serious tune up. get everything functioning properly first, timing, spark (plugs, wires, cap n rotor), fuel, air, and coolant. you'll wanna do EVERYTHING that u can on the FITV/IACV teg tips cuz it'll need all those lil things done to it. check and most likely replace ALL of your vacuum lines. once u do that...... that gives u a good base to work from. if u still have those issues, after you've done all the above...... post up and let us know whats up. make sure to reset the ecu after getting some stuff done...... that'll help get everything fresh and clean the slate.

      replacing all your coolant hoses and lines, and flushing out ur system or at least a drain and fill will help out too. clean up all ur grounds, check up on the starter, replace if necessary.

      its not exactly what u asked about....... but all those above will greatly help out ur car. you are most likely in need of a distributor and an mfr very very VERY soon tho. but i think a good tune up and getting everything set first will help eliminate (or prevent) more issues.


        i did pretty much everything you said except for ditributor, i really dont think a tune up would make it go away, cuz i had the tune up , i found this thread i think it is similar to my problem

        at the last post he said
        Originally posted by 90GsTurded View Post
        The wiring to the fuel pump was full of gunk.

        My integra was used as a quarry car before i got it so it was basically full of dirt until i cleaned it out so the clip to the fuel pump was gull of gunk, also I changed the fuel filter and the fuel line that feeds into the fuel rail. I haven't had any problems since then.
        i think this maybe is my answer


          thanks for your tips man , i am changing the distributor cap and rotor, my car does need a full tune up , and just put some royal purple Synchromax in the trans