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MAJOR SHAKING, and other problems (rant)


MAJOR SHAKING, and other problems (rant)

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    MAJOR SHAKING, and other problems (rant)

    Ok wow I haven't been on here in probably a year or so, kinda had no money, found other things to spend money on, lost interest in the car scene and just have used it for commuting from Raleigh to Greensboro, but anyway, so now this nice 92 GS-R that I bought with 98000 on it and now has 120000 on it has been nothing but a money pit (as far as having PROBLEMS) anything from oil leaks from bad valve seals, broken axles, AC pulley bearings falling out and pulleys going with it, o yeah and a leaky radiator, and leaking hydraulic PS hose (the expensive one so it's yet to be replaced) and it's attractiveness to accidents (4 accidents all NOT MY FAULT! but two were hit and run and so the repairs came out of my pocket!), to the two latest problems one being my exhaust pipe at the axle, rusted off and tonight fell off driving down the road (got it back hopefully I can get a new axle pipe and get that back on, and the other latest problem has been this, anytime I'm on the highway and just getting started, I'll start driving and everything is fine, when I reach about 55-60 the car starts to shake BADLY like sometimes violently and sometimes just annoyingly, the car will continue to shake even if you let off the accelerator and start to slow down and will shake worse if the brakes are applied, if you continue to drive through it though after about 10 minutes it will smooth out and stop shaking, so WHAT'S THE DEAL?

    GOD I SWEAR I'VE SPENT atleast 2000 dollars in fixing this car and it's still STOCK 2000 dollars could have sure got me a lot as far as performance goes and you guys would be hearing more from me instead of just rants about how this what seemed to be great deal turning into the GS-R from hell, well once I get the shaking fixed and the exhaust pipe fixed I'll be willing to bet I'll be counting my loses, and putting this thing up for sale in the Greensboro/ Raleigh, NC area so be on the look out for a 92 Integra GS-R with 120k miles for sale in the next year or so (still need it to go to college and back until I get a job so I can sell this one and add some more money and get something new(er)) mmm I remember when I loved this car and had great plans for it, to bad that went down the drain, it would have been fun. Maybe I'll try again when I get out of college and have a real job and my dream car (A Subarau WRX STI)

    Sorry for the long wind, but I'm done now.

    part it out?

    part the mother out, i'll buy lots of parts from you and 92-93 GS-R parts are really rare, so if you have some good parts, you can get a good deal of money out of it, in time of course. more time, more money, blah blah blah.

    i would buy the front bumper, headlights, hood, rear hatch struts, wheels, misc. engine items (or the whole damn engine at the right price), etc., interior stuff, antennae, radio, pretty much anything that is in good order.
    maybe i should just buy the car. i could go about $2200 with the problems you speak of.

    very interested in bumper, lip, and hood, if in good shape. what color?

    i have had pretty good luck with my 93 GS-R, 140kmiles and running very strong, stock.


      Any help on the problem because I have similar problems , but not as drastic?


        Well shaking at certain speeds usually indicates one of the following problems...

        Worn CV joints.
        Unbalanced wheels.
        Bad wheel bearings.
        Excessively worn suspension.
        Bad bushings.


          well b17adam the car isnt' going to be parted out (don't want to deal with taking it apart, etc.) and 2200? I really think I can get more, all of those problems have been fixed except the exhaust pipe and shaking, so once I get that fixed (which I will before selling it) I'll be wanting a bit more then 2200 for it, plus texas is a long way away.

          IdntglwIglisten, thanks for the suggestions as to what to look for, it'd better not be my cv joints as I just replace the whole cv joints (both sides) maybe a year ago, and the tires were balanced about 6 months ago but the other things I'll be sure to check on.

          thanks, anyone else with any ideas.


            did any of the accidents involve hitting any of the front wheels? when i bought my car it had been side swiped by the owner on the drivers front side. now the drivers side inner cv joint is messed up. i already took it apart and re greased it and everything but its the bearings they were all jacked up. so it might be ur cv joints.


              what brand CV joints, and from which shop did you buy them?

              I bought new remanufactured ones from Autozone- after 10 months my car started shaking on the highway, and it was bad axle indeed.

              Usually you can tell if you have bad axles.....left or right or both
              (clicking when turning)

              Is it the car BODY thats shaking or is it the shaky feeling coming from infront underneath?

              how are the roads in your town? Too many potholes?

              Not really relevant- When you get a real job, why not buy an Acura RL or some lexus.
              Those will definately give lesser headaches 'overall' comapred to an Sti etc etc.


                I have a feeling that it also might be ur motor mounts they may have gone bad so you might want to check them out, and as far as your 92-93 GS-R you should keep it. I know that it may seem like a money pit now but in time you will be glad that you did keep it.


                  check your tie rod ends .. should be about $20 each.. id bet thats what the prob is from what you described.. let me know if i was right please,
                  email is [email protected] and aim iz oz7777777


                    i would defintetly check those motor mounts,if you wanna do a quick and detailed check where you wont have to get under the car,pop hood and have some one move it about 3 inches forward,while closely looking at the motor and movement,if you see your motor almost jumping from out of the bay then its the mounts.(the motor will move of course but you will know what i mean if it is the mount)trust me keep your gsr bro,try dealing with 183371 on a normal ls, its rough.120000 isnt bad at all. but from my experience shaking on the highway is normally suspension issues,but shaking mostly at the wheel.if its the dash and center console im almost possible its under the hood.
                    p.s 92-93 gsr extremely rare in my neck of the woods its def. a keeper in my book,give her a chance and she'll definetly RUN!.