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Yikes!!! missing engine mount bolts!


Yikes!!! missing engine mount bolts!

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    Yikes!!! missing engine mount bolts!

    wow- ok, so i was inspecting my mounts today because the weathers a little better than its been, and i realize that the top-most bolt that holds the rear-engine-mount-bracket on was missing! i ordered a new bolt (just so it would be 100% guaranteed to fit) and when it arrives in 2 days ill put it in myself!

    on to the ?'s:
    looking at the area; im planning on removing the intake and the starter- and moving whatever else i can as far as wires and hoses go.- any suggestions?

    the hole in the bracket doesnt look quite like its lined up with the hole in the block.- nothing jacking the engine up a little shouldnt straighten out right?

    if anybody has any tips or words of wisdom: im all ears!

    damn that sucks. ehhe. but yea, just get a floor jack/hoist and use it to line it up. should be fine that way.

    p.s. its all good dude, at least its not like what happened to me. i found two bolts missing from the tranny mount


      Missing nuts and bolts = weight savings. Honda put in extras to appease the lawyers. You guys should have seen the box full of stuff I ended up with after my swap!


        Hey, if you end up with less bolts you just made it more efficient! No problem there.


          i found a bolt missing from my front mount before, it was lodged between the radiator and the crossmember

          its all from the trans shop that my clutch was changed at (unfortunatley shouldve just done it myself!)

          effin multistate!!
          not only both the afformention mount problems, but also the starter was left loose as hell! the temp. sensor was left unplugged! my cv boots were torn!
          my passenger wheel was pushed back like 3 inches!

          (of course they were like' we didnt even work on that part of the car- no shit you just fucked it up)
          i cant wait to stop finding errors from them! thatll be great! at least now i have more tools!!!

          it was quite a while ago now too- almost a year.
          (although this isnt a multistate rant- sorry)


            [QUOTE=paz92ls]i found a bolt missing from my front mount before, it was lodged between the radiator and the crossmember

            I bet they installed the mount upside down and couldn't get both bolts to line up.

            I don't trust anyone to work on my car! Most mechanics are hacks.