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How much to replace timing belt?


How much to replace timing belt?

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    How much to replace timing belt?

    I recently purchased a stock 93 GS. It currently has 125K on the clock. The previous owner (approx 115K-125K) did not do the timing belt and did not know if it had been done previously.

    I am looking to have a shop inspect the belt to see if they can tell if it has been replaced.

    If it comes down to it, I am going to get this done. The Acura dealer quoted me approx $700 bucks for the replacement -- which seems high to me. I am not comfortable attempting this maintenance.

    Anyone pay a shop for this? Would like to get a feel for what it should cost if I find an independent.

    Also, if I am doing this -- should I have other maintenance items done at the same time?

    Thanks in advance -- I am not very familiar with working on cars, and this one runs great and I would like to keep it for some time.


    on average its about $350-$500 depending on the shop. you should try to find a local '"shady tree" mechanic and they will probably do it for $200 less parts and no warranty

    Get a haynes manual and service the recommended parts at specified intervals.

    plugs, wires, distributor button, filters, PCV valve, coolant, oil, tranny fluid, bulbs, blinker fluid , brakes, brake fluid, PS fliud, tires, all other belts, and seafoam the hell out of it.


      I don't know if that's a fair price because I do the work myself.

      You should get your water pump and tensioner pulley replaced at the same time.


        Anyone interested...

        If any of you capable shade tree guys are in the Cleveland/Akron OH area, let me know if you have interest in making a few bucks doing the timing belt and water pump...!



          damn, just moved from canton...