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Hesitation only under Load


Hesitation only under Load

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    Hesitation only under Load

    Maybe someone has some insight on this before I tear my engine apart.

    This morning I noticed on the highway that my car was exceptionally faster during acceleration. Just before I got exited the highway I pressed the accelerator about 50% while in 5th gear to change lanes, at this point I noticed a hesitation to accelerate.
    Later tonight I noticed the Teggie was still faster than usual, and again I continously depressed the throttle about 50% or more in third, fourth, or fifth gear to notice a hesitation to accelerate. This also creates a faint shake in the motor. One time I did notice a little smoke. Revving her up to high RPM?s seems more powerful than usual?

    I was thinking about doing the following:
    Leak down test
    Changing the spark plug wires (currently clean quality performance Sumitomos, but age unknown)

    The ignition is less than a year old: Cap, rotor, NGK platinum?s

    ECU codes: none

    Other: She does spit a little blue smoke on cold days/cold starts, or after sitting all weekend (valve seals or ring?)

    Miles: 179,500ish

    I just assume to get a new motor or a V-Tec head...

    I had a similar problem awhile back, though at different RPMs. In the lower RPM range (idle to about 3k) I would get a hesitation/stutter. Turned out one of my spark plug wires was arcing, therefore creating a misfire. It went wasn't at noticeable at higher RPMs, due to the fact the engine was turning that much quicker. Simple fix was a new spark plug wire (ended up getting a new set of four though). You can see carbon arcing on the wire (the rubbery part that attaches around the spark plug) as it will be a lighter, almost white color. Looks like a mini lightning bolt (and in a way, that's kind of what it is).

    Not saying this is your problem but it's an easy and quick thing to check.


    -- Kevin


      The wires look good.....

      I'm thinking it's fuel. The extra Hp has to be a fuel issue. Maybe something wacked with my timing.

      Compression test was a little low in one cyl.

      anyone got a B18 in the Rochester Ny area??