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    Octane Booster

    i bought the NOS octane booster at kragen and the guy told me that i shouldn't use the whole bottle. he said that i should just use 1/3 of it let the car run and and next time i fill up put the rest in. i was just gonna dump the whole in thing at once. Is that ok? I know this aint really a big deal but i just want to make sure i wont do any harm if i put the whole thing in my tank. i've never use this before so i dont know much about this. thanks.

    it wont do much. it claims to make power, i really didnt see much difference, i believe higher grade pump gas is more effective than octane booster.

    87 grade gas + octane boost = 87.999999 grade gas hahaha

    and using a higher octane then recommended in a stock honda motor will make it run crappy.

    theres some insight, dont spend money on octane boost unless you need it.



      If you are using lower octane fuel (lower than 93) than there's should definitely be no problem. Octane boosters only raise by one or two points (if that many), so it would be like using higher quality fuel.

      If you are already using 93 octane fuel, who knows.... I've never had a problem using other brand boosters with 93 octane. I have always just dumped it all in (when I use it) and have been fine so far.

      As far as long term problems, maybe one of the shop guys on here can answer that one.

      Do people 'break in' their N2O systems before that first 55 shot? Seems like that would be more of an issue than breaking in octane booster


        Originally posted by 2067739
        As far as long term problems, maybe one of the shop guys on here can answer that one.

        no long term problems except the extra build up of carbon.

        are you guys using vtec motors? or LS motors.


          Hey, I thought I was first to respond :p

          As you can see, I agree with math labs.


            LS for me.

            I don't usually use booster, but sometimes I get the hankering for it right before going to the track (or on impulse buy).


              haha werd!

              anyways, higher compression motors need higher octane, but lower compression motors like our stock internal honda motors run best on what theyre recommened on.

              but check this out, i talked to a few honda mechanics and a master tech at honda, guy says he uses 87 octane in a TSX, he said, 'so long as you dont push it to a high rpm, you wont have any problems' he also mentioned that the ecu accounts for the lower octane and retards timing. something like that... of course 91+ octane is recommened for optimum performance, lower octane with easy driving should be fine too.

              personal experience:

              first time i went to the track, i filled up with a 1/4 tank of 91 octane... i was disappointed, i was backfiring and stuff, i ran a best time of 15.98.

              next time i went to the track i used 87 (thank God i knew better), broke out with 15.68 bone stock. just with a exedy clutch.


                Thanks for the response guys. i know it wont do much for my motor but i just wanted to try it. i was more concern of the side effects of it but you guys pretty much answered that question. thanks y'all. PEACE.


                  I mix 5 gallons of 100 octane unleaded and fill the rest with 91 when I head for the hills. If its a long day, I'll take a 2 gallon jug of it with me.


                    Trick will deliver a 55 gal drum to your house... all you need is a hand crank pump and about $350


                      Octane boost =

                      Trick =


                        here is the gas card/credit application... seems as though trick has stop delivery, but you can still pick it up in person, I have a 55 gal drum dolly and all. oh and if you have a water heater, better think about build a shed. you can use this card for race gas by any manufacturer.

                        Gas man cometh

                        Printable Credit Application
                        For complete security and confidentiality please print this application and mail or fax to:

                        Cosby Oil Company / Credit Dept.
                        12902 E. Park Street
                        Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

                        Fax (562) 944-3664


                        PART 1

                        Legal Name_________________________________________________________

                        Trade Name_________________________________________________________

                        Billing Address________________________________________________________________

                        Delivery Address______________________________________________________________

                        Business telephone (including area code)_________________________

                        Type of Business Organization (check one) __Sole Proprietorship __Partnership __Corporation
                        State of ________________________.

                        Year Established_____________ Annual Sales $______________

                        Federal ID #_________________________ Articles of Corp #___________________


                        PART TWO

                        Owner(s) or Partners(s) Name(s): (Attach additional sheets if necessary)

                        Full Name (First, middle, last)________________________________________

                        Social Security #___________________________/ Drivers License Number__________

                        Residental Address____________________________________________

                        City_________________________ State __________________ Zip code___________

                        Previous Address (if above less than 5 years) _______________________________

                        City_________________________ State ___________________ Zip code__________


                        PART THREE

                        BANK REFERENCE

                        Name of Bank_____________________________________ Person to contact________________


                        City_____________________________ State__________________ Zip_____________

                        Bank Telephone number (include area code)_______________________________

                        Type of Relationship

                        ____ Checking Account....#_________________________

                        ____ Savings Account......#__________________________

                        ____ Loan Account.........#__________________________


                        PART FOUR

                        MAJOR CREDIT REFERENCES (Give only names of those you buy from on open account)

                        1. Company Name____________________________________________

                        Person to contact_____________________________ Phone ____________ / Fax___________


                        City__________________________________ State___________________ Zip__________

                        2. Company Name____________________________________________

                        Person to contact_____________________________ Phone ____________ / Fax___________


                        City__________________________________ State___________________ Zip__________

                        3. Company Name____________________________________________

                        Person to contact_____________________________ Phone ____________ / Fax___________


                        City__________________________________ State___________________ Zip__________


                        PART FIVE

                        Please attach current financial statements.

                        Credit Limit Requested $_____________________


                        PART SIX


                        The undersigned agrees to the following terms in all credit transactions with Cosby Oil Company
                        unless otherwise agreed to in writing by authorized Company officers:

                        PAYMENT TERMS

                        Oil, Lubes, Greases and Specialty Products... Net 30 Days from date of delivery.
                        Motor Fuel Products... Net 10 days from date of delivery.
                        Fuel Management System.... Net 10 days from date of delivery.

                        I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions Agreement presented with this application.
                        I authorize the references listed above in Part Three, Four and Five to release to Cosby Oil Company
                        information related to applicant's account.
                        I warrant the above information to be true, correct, and complete; I agree to abide by Cosby Oil Company's
                        Credit Policy if credit is granted; and I have received and signed Cosby Oil Company's Terms and credit

                        PLEASE PRINT NAME & TITLE___________________________________________________

                        SIGNATURE (must be company principal) _________________________________________

                        COMPANY______________________________ DATE ________________________


                        PART SEVEN

                        In consideration of the opening of a Fuel Management Systems account of Cosby Oil Company, Inc. (Supplier) and, _________________________________ (User), the undersigned agrees to the following in all credit transactions with Cosby Oil Company, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by authorized Company Officers:

                        1. USER agrees to follow all posted instructions for the fueling of vehicles and will comply with all posted safety procedures. User acknowledges receipt of system operation cards and agrees to instruct users in the system's correct use.

                        2. USER agrees to pay the Fuel Management System fees set forth in this agreement in accordance with the following terms: (a) Payment will be due on demand and if no demand then net ten (10) days from date of invoice. Invoices will be issued semi-monthly. A statement showing the current account status will be issued monthly. Such statement is not an invoice. Payment by invoice will be made according to the terms and due dates shown on each invoice. All payments are due at our office in Santa Fe Springs, CA. (b) A service charge equal to 1.5% per month (18% annual rate) will be charged against all past due amounts. (c) A service charge of twenty five dollars ($25.00) will be charged against all returned checks. (d) USER agrees to pay all attorney's fees or collection charges associated with the collection of its past due accounts. Any legal proceedings with respect to this account will be at the Whittier, CA Municipal Court.

                        3. USER hereby accepts the obligation and responsibility for payment for all fuel registered through the Fuel Management Systems account number(s) assigned to USER by SUPPLIER. USER will notify SUPPLIER of any lost card immediately upon determination that a Fuel Management Card has been lost or stolen. Notice may be given orally, but must be confirmed in writing within 24 hours by registered or certified mail. USER agrees to pay for all products delivered through the Fuel Management System prior to such written notice.

                        4. If a Fuel Management Systems card is locked out, written application must be made to reinstate a Fuel Management Systems card or account. SUPPLIER reserves the right to refuse to reinstate past due accounts. NO cancelled account may be reinstated unless all monies owed are paid, including all charges and fees. A $25.00 charge will be made to reinstate any account.

                        5. USER agrees to pay the following Fuel Management Systems fees: $2.50 - Each for any additional Fueling Systems card issued after the initial account set-up. $2.50 - Each request for invalidation of Fueling Systems cards.

                        6. This aggrement may be cancelled upon 24 hour written notice by SUPPLIER or USER. Should USER cancel account, all monies due will be paid with ten (10) days of such cancellation.

                        7. USER understands and agrees that his/her right to the Fuel Management Systems account may NOT be assigned.

                        8. USER accepts any and all liability arising or resulting from the misuse, unauthorized use, loss or theft of any Fuel Management Systems card resulting in access to the Fueling Systems maintained and operated by Cosby Oil Company and any other CFN Netword participant. USER understands that the rights conferred herein allow USER to access and use products on private premises not open to the general public and its consideration for the duties of USER under this agreement. USER agrees not to write the "Pin" code on the card and to keep separate this "Pin" code from the card.

                        9. Customer agrees that any environmental charge levied against Cosby Oil Company or any CFN Network participant for negligent use by customer of its cards or equipment, shall promptly pay these charges.

                        10. Customer will promptly notify Cosby Oil Company of any change in residence or mailing address.

                        11. At all retail locations where the same pumps are being used for both retail and cardlock sales the posted per gallon fuel price does not necessarily reflect the actual per gallon cardlock price. Prices posted on pump reflect cash or credit card pricing only--not cardlock prices.

                        12. SUPPLIER reserves the right to charge USERS MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover card on past due accounts.

                        13. Terms of this agreement may be amended by SUPPLIER as its sole option upon at least one full invoicing period notice.

                        Please Print Name or Title.....................................................Signature

                        Company Name..........................................................Date


                        PART EIGHT

                        CONTINUING GUARANTY

                        For valuable consideration, including the inducement to provide credit to ___________________ (herein after called DEBTOR) which would otherwise be denied, the undersigned (herein called GUARANTOR) absolutely and unconditionally guarantees and promises to pay to COSBY OIL COMPANY, INC., a California corporation (herein after called COMPANY) its affiliates, successors and assignees, or order, in lawful money of the United States any and all indebtedness of Debtor to Company in whatever amount may be owing to Company whether such indebtedness now exists, or is incurred hereafter, whether voluntary or involuntary and however arising whether absolute or contingent, liquidated or unliquidated, determined or undetermined, and whether Debtor may be liable individually or jointly with others, or whether recovery on such indebtedness may be or hereafter become barred by any statute of limitations.

                        This is a continuing guaranty relating to any and all indebtedness, including that arising under successive transactions which shall either continue this indebtedness or from time to time renew it after it has been satisfied. This guaranty shall not apply to any indebtedness created after receipt by Company of written notice of its revocation as to future transactions, such notice to be sent by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, to Company at: 12902 East Park Street, Santa Fe Springs, California 90670. The termination of this guaranty shall not have any retroactive effect with respect to obligations of Debtor incurred prior to termination.

                        Guarantor agrees that it is directly and primarily liable to Company, that the obligations hereunder are independent of the obligation of Debtor and that a separate action or actions may be brought against Guarantor whether action is brought against Debtor or whether Debtor is joined in any such action or actions. Guarantor agrees to pay a reasonable attorney fee and all other costs and expenses which may be incurred by Company in the enforcement of this guaranty.

                        This guaranty shall not be abrogated or affected in any manner by any change in the firm or status of the Debtor, whether caused by death, by the admission of any new member or members or by the withdrawl of any member or members, or by any change from any cause whatsoever.

                        IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned (have, has) executed this guaranty this____________day of 20__________

                        Witness Signature:____________________________________________

                        (print name and address)


                        FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

                        Credit Approval____________________________ Credit Limit________________________________

                        Marketing Rep._____________________________ Date ____________________________________

                        End of application.


                        Back to Cosby Oil Hompage

                        Back to Cosby Oil Customer Service



                          Originally posted by JaySR
                          ithe guy told me that i shouldn't use the whole bottle. he said that i should just use 1/3 of it let the car run and and next time i fill up put the rest in.
                          like NOS octane booster is all that potent?
                          i've put the shit in my tank and it didn't run any different on my b16. like someone said it only raises the octane 10pts which is like going from 93 to 94 if that. i read every bottle of that crap at autozone and they all said that.

                          one time i got some lucas gas treatment because the car had been sitting for a while and i thought the gas would be bad... when i was walking out to my car, they guy that sold it to me said "thats good stuff there. just pour it in at the pump, then fill up. you'll notice a big difference in power and acceleration in a day or two"
                          i said "really!!" and got in my car... i only got it because i had old gas and thought it would help in that aspect, i didnt get it for power.


                            $350 for 55 gallons?

                            Thats more than what I pay for 100 octane at the pump.


                              Originally posted by Archon
                              $350 for 55 gallons?

                              Thats more than what I pay for 100 octane at the pump.
                              5-6 bucks a gallon right? that was a delivered price to


                                the way regular gas prices are going, it is quickly becoming cost effective to run race gas


                                  I pay about $5/gallon

                                  I figured it would be in the $4-5 range since you're buying in bulk. It would be funny to roll down to the Unocal with a 55G drum and "fill 'er up"


                                    Sheeet man, they hand you a drum. Comes packaged that way, I think they try and dink you if you make them open one up and take a measly 12 gal. Heck you could get with 4 of your friends and pop for a drum or two and all roll away with a tank of high oct funness. But storing one is a bitch unless you have a shed that is away from all buildings, or a business that can keep it