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    whats going on guys, ive had my DA for about three going on four years now, im sure you all herd about the leak coming from the front passenger side of the car, well anyways i need help narrowing it down, i thought it was coming in through the fresh air intake on the blower house under the cowl cover, i guess i was wrong i used almost a whole tube of silicone and made sure that the cover was water tight. i was all excited and i thought i finally fixed and all i needed was a good rain to confirm the fix, well we just got a good down pour a couple of days ago and i got up for work and ran out to check to see if it was dry. It wasnt!, i have no clue where else it could be coming from, can any of you guys help me out with this please!

    I have used this method with great success!!! NO LEAKS!!!( I live in central florida lots of rain!!) just follow the instructions and you should be good!!

    Also try searching first!!


      the first thing wrong is using a tube of silicone. it takes a few days for silicone to really harden and not only that it was just gonna sink down anyway. i used duck tape over it. try that


        i never thought about the silicone shrinking, i did have a few days to set up before it rained tho, ive done some reserch on it and have tried some ideas that other people had but nothing ever worked, so i wanted to see what yous thought about it. thank you all for your replys, the only question with the duct tape idea is once it gets wet isnt it just going to peel up?


          and also, there is no where else it could be coming from right? did i just do a shitty job of trying to seal that cover and water is still making its way in somehow


            Do this one!!! Trust me it works!!!!


            The post above also includes the part numbers that you need to order and how many. As it is described in the post the pieces that "might" have been cracked WERE cracked in my car.

            You will need a big tube of shoe goo and....per above referenced link

            Here's the part numbers for the "kit" and how many you will need...

            91502-SK7-013 (6) $3.46 EA
            91511-SK7-003 (7) $3.56 EA
            91608-SJ6-003 (8) $2.72 EA
            If you were to take your car to Acura these are what they replace. Like I said,

            In case you break them, the clips on the top of the cowl are #
            91501-SK7-013 (6) $2.96 EA

            And I also sealed up my rear tail light leak with shoe goo. Keep a tube of that stuff!!!

            Order those parts and do what the guy says in that link. I did this last year and have had ZERO leaks!!!

            Then you'll be happy as crap like I was the next time it rained and I had/have a nice dry passenger floor.

            And I'm NOT saying that the previously posted suggestion does not work. But I'm one of those people that thinks "the car did not COME with a plastic bag, therefore I shouldn't NEED a plastic bag to fix it". So I kept searching and found this one using OE parts and a little shoe goo.