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Power door lock problem


Power door lock problem

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    Power door lock problem

    i have a strange problem that maybe you guys can help me with:

    my car was broken into a few weeks ago. they didn't smash any glass, instead they pried the driver side window away from the frame and unlocked the car that way.

    brief description of the problem:
    the power locks work when the car is on
    when i turn the car off and try to lock the doors (all doors unlocked) i push down the lock switch, i hear a click from the dash, and it SOUNDS like all the door lock actuators try and move (you know the sound when you try and unlock the doors and they're already unlocked), but nothing happens.

    same problem if all the doors are locked and i try and unlock them all. there's a click from the dash, and theres noise from the doors, but nothing happens.

    one more weird thing:
    the car is off, the doors are all unlocked. I try to lock all doors using the power door lock switch but nothing happens (same as above). Then i push down on the drivers side door lock and all the doors lock.

    Anyone heard of anything like this before?



    an update and a bump...

    today one of my headlights blew. when i got home i wanted to check to make sure it was actually out so when I got home I turned off the car, pulled out the key, and hit the power-unlock out of habit.

    The doors unlocked themselves.

    when i realized what happened i tried locking the doors, and it worked. then i turned the lights off and tried unlocking the doors. no luck.

    so i turned the headlights back on and the door locks work.

    weird, no?