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pass side door will not latch


pass side door will not latch

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    pass side door will not latch

    Tonight I went to open my passenger side door and it did so just fine even though it is really cold out
    usually this door's outside handle would get stuck in the open position and then I would not be able to shut the door but puching it in would solve the problem . well tonight i could not close the door again and the outer handle was pushed in all the way. I took the inner door panel off and the inner lock works and the lever for the inner door handel works yet the outer handle rod going to the latch will not work with out u pulling it manually and even then it is stiff.

    has anyone ever looked at the assemble of the door latch and be able to explain what might be wrong

    I have not been able to look at it in good light and will probably be taking the latch assembly out tomorrow but just want an idea of what could be wrong

    so far im thinking its a spring in the latch assembly that is seized or broken

    thanks for anyones help

    have you checked out the little bar assembly that is attatched inside the doorjamb that the door latches to yet? my passenger side door just all of a sudden started doing something a lot like yours the way it sounds, and one night i was messing around with it and found that the piece i mentioned was loose. so i moved it to the desired location and tightened it down. i never new the door could shut so solidly.


      Mine have been picky in the cold before. Putting the window down a little and slamming it a few times has gotten it to work.


        if i closed mine just right it would go too, but all i had to do was move that piece in a little bit and the problem was solved.


          the striker plate is solid and in place

          ill have to mess with it more tomorrow morning and look at it in detail tomorrow night in a garage

          i tried with the window down/up

          any other ideas -

          and thanks guys for the replies

          ***well today it was a little warmer out(above feezing) go to my car AND the latch works fine*** I still gotta look at it debug it cuz it will only happen again when it gets cold out
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