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Wiring Assistance B18a1 to B18b Swap


Wiring Assistance B18a1 to B18b Swap

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    Wiring Assistance B18a1 to B18b Swap

    No I do not need to know what the sensors are on the block lol. I am in the process of finalizing the wires and extending them and such. Please note I have read this site for hours and hours, Colin is the effing man when it comes to this topic, so I hope he can verify at least #1 here.

    I need to know 3 things:

    1. The ECT Switch, 2 pronger on the back of the B18A1. These wires are black and White/Grn. Can I just use the green connector piece from the oil temp sensor(since it fits the Tstat housing ECT Switch connector on the new engine and the colors of the wires match) and color match the wires when I extend them, and plug in to the water neck TStat housing? Just making sure that I get the wire colors right.

    2. The newer B18b obviously has no place for the IAT Sensor on the Intake mani, I am just to move this to my intake arm and extend the wires right?

    3. Has anyone swapped out the obd0 alternator for the odb2 alternator and switched plugs? Can you confirm this is accurate?

    obd0 ——— obd2
    blue ———-white/red
    black/yel ——blk/yel
    white/blue ——white/blue

    I still have one wire left over, white/green do I just leave that not connected
    Thanks all, this board is awesome I have been lurking since 6 or so months ago when I registered, reading ALOT and enjoying every minute.





      This has been discussed before, yea you need to extend the wires for the ECT switch on the thermostat. If I remember right you can't use a obd1 or 2 distributor with obd0; however, you can rewire obd2 for obd1.


        ok, shit I already re wired it. Im just going to undo it and use the odb0 to prevent another issue.

        Also, I was asking how the wires are in relation to the connector since I used another connector from the Oil Temp sensor on the back for the ECT on the T Stat housing. When your ECT on the T Stat is plugged in, is the black wire on the top? Thats all I really needed to know about that. I know that it needed to be extended, just making sure I didnt swap the wires.

        Thank man.


          it doesn't matter what wire goes where. it's just an on/off switch so current will pass either way.