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b20b swap write up in 92 da obd1?


b20b swap write up in 92 da obd1?

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    b20b swap write up in 92 da obd1?

    does anybody have a b20b swap write up? my 92 obd1 ls motor is goin to sh*t and i need a new motor soon, i looked on and will be ordering it from there, and whats the difference between 96-98/ 99-00 exept 20 hp ( i dont mind paying $200 more for that.....but this is all i know so far

    use from 92 motor

    blox Intake manifold with hondata gasket
    92 ls throttle body
    92 ls injectors
    new gsr water/oil pump/ ctr crank pulley
    soon to get b16 cable trans

    what im asking is that all i need to switch over to complete the swap or do i need different sensors from the b20b or is it a direct bolt on exept whats stated above?

    any help would be great, thanks
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    Honda tech has several write-ups, just gotta search for them.

    The 96-98 b20b is lower-compression with no knock sensor, around 126HP. The 99-00 b20b is higher-compression with knock sensor, like 146HP. In regards to the swap, they're the same and go in the same...but if you want the added base power to start off from, go with the newer one if you got the cash. Plus the newer b20bs are typically cleaner looking and likely to have less miles. Of course this isn't guaranteed, but the chances are better.

    Use from your current gear-

    -Fuel injectors + Fuel rail
    -Sensors, if you're missing any or have some broken ones on the b20b you order
    -Engine Harness
    -Intake manifold...but if you get a short-intake b20b, I think you can use that which would be better because a b18a1 intake manifold doesn't port-match 100% with the b20b head.

    ECU and transmission can be re-used, and I believe I/H/E can also be re-used.

    As for the VTEC oil pump and VTEC water don't really need those, and I'm told that all the 96+ B series motors pretty much already have a VTEC oil pump. If someone could confirm this, that would be appreciated. I know they are needed for higher-RPM applications because they are able to better pump water/oil at the higher RPMs on VTEC motors, I am not sure if they will be a problem for a non-VTEC setup.

    It's a pretty straight-forward swap, since all B-series motors are created equally for the most part. You can re-use all your mounts and etc. I'm doing this same swap on my '91 DB1, and I don't even need to convert to obd-1 to use the b20b...also planning on doing a GSR head and intake manifold, if everything goes to plan with that.

    Some b20b info links you may fine useful-

    My "b20b + '91 DB1?" thread-

    GL on the swap!


      Just completed my swap guide! Check it out in this section!


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