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start up problems, weird stuff...


start up problems, weird stuff...

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    start up problems, weird stuff...

    So these are somewhat multiple problems.....

    I tried starting the car a couple times and it wouldn't start right away, it's sputter a bit but wouldn't stay started. finally it would start up and idle normal. but sometimes, it will die if I give it gas, or sometimes idle will slowly drop and even if I pump gas, it just dies.

    sometimes, idle is normal, and I can give it gas no prob, other times, it fucts up.

    Also, sometimes fuel pump doesn't prime, sometimes it will and it'll start

    other prob....

    car starts very strong (good power to starter) but my headlights and everything are dim, and I have low power to most everything.

    My ides so far....I'm pretty sure it's fuel related....

    Main fuel relay? am I not getting enough power to my pump and relay?
    I have a TPS code, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't make a difference. it just needs to be adjusted.
    all my grounds are good

    I"m clueless

    Well I know one thing...

    headlights dimming, etc = Reground your vehicle. The stock factory grounds are thin, and most likely corroded. Check out a grounding kit on ebay or something.

    As far as your fuel pump, it may just be that the fuel pump is starting to go.


      alright, I"m going to redo my grounds, and take my alternator in to get checked, just in case.

      anyone think it could it be possible, that the fuel relay isn't getting enough power to turn on the fuel pump?