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DA6 B18CR problems :(


DA6 B18CR problems :(

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    DA6 B18CR problems :(

    I have finished my conversion, putting a 73,000k 97 B18CR engine into my da6 using a conversion harness that i made to run the ITR ECU, which went well.
    Managed to drag the car in the weekend and get a 14.0 at 160 kmh.
    However the car is very smoky!

    I did a compression test today and noticed when i pulled out the plugs it was running lean because they were all white.
    the cylinders were 240,240,210,185!
    this is so bad for a 73,000k engine i can't believe i spent 3k on a dud engine. why is the engine running lean the only thing thats not ITR on the car is the fuel pump. all the rest is type R injectors, FPR, headers, the lot. everything is stock ITR stuff, why is this? maybe too much timing?

    Well no matter what you do with tuning, nothing will help out that bad compression.

    I think you might have to resurface the head. It seems warped, because it's getting weaker as you go down the cylinders.

    Resurface, and get a new headgasket.

    Especially if you are seeing white smoke, then you definitely need to do something about that head.

    Sorry man, that sucks.


      yes it definatly does suck, so why is the engine running lean, is the ITR fuel pump much bigger than a DA6 pump?


        You could check fuel pressure. Just get a FPR if you don't already have one. I dont think the pump is rated at a higher flow. If it is, it would be nominal.

        What color smoke are you showing out your exhaust? You might not even be lean - you might be burning coolant, thus the plug damage.

        Take off your radiator cap, and see if you have bubbles or brown / black snot floating in the fluid. If so, that's oil - and you need to focus on getting that head to fit on that block properly - or your problems will never go away.

        Post some more info, and more guys will post some help.


          ok, i have been watching the water level and so far no water loss. Ill get back to you guys once iv driven the car more so i can see whats going on. I havn't seen the smoke my self ill have to get someone to flog it for me while i follow