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    Engine mounts

    My engine mounts are finished (original mounts with over 200K miles). I'll be replacing them soon, but I'm not sure to what (OEM/poly/ES).

    I've read in these forums that switching to ES and poly will help wheel hop (and so faster launch) for hard acceleration. But they will also vibrate the car at low rpms.

    With the engine accelerating hard, I expect that only certain mounts are in play. By replacing just those mounts to poly or ES, and replacing the others to new OEM mounts, would this give the best of both worlds (i.e. smooth idle and better launches)?
    If so, which mounts should be changed to ES/poly? And for those mounts which are available in both poly and ES, is there a significant difference?
    Would squeeking be a problem with ES/poly mounts? If so, is there a lubricant which can be applied during installation which will last years and through months of salty slush winters?

    (be gentle - this is my first post!)

    i have the es inserts myself, and i like them, of course i don't mind the vibration at all, you get used to it. they're not as hard as the prothane ones, so they give a little more from what i hear. but for there being a happy medium, i don't think it exists. i haven't heard mine squeak at all, but if wanted to lube them up i would say a graphite lubricant would work well.


      Thanks for the comments ljoe.

      I'm still hope to find something which is almost as good as having full ES, but with minimal low rpm vibration.

      The car is used mainly as a daily commuter driver (i.e. idle in traffic) and also lots of spirited "Canyon drive". Various races (for fun until I get better - Solo II a couple times a year, with the occasional navex rally and visits to the local track thrown in.
      So an all around compromise fun car.


        like i said, you get used it, it's really not all that bad. and it's a cool feeling when someone who hasn't ridden in it before gets in and you start it, they're just like "whoa"


          I've heard different opinions on ES motor mounts

          In this thread (and others) about using ES motor mounts

          some commented:
          "i got them too i have to agree they will shake the hell out of the car."
          "it makes your car idle like hell tho and shake things to pieces... "
          although most people liked them anyway.

          Hopefully it won't be so bad, but maybe it will be... and I'm not crazy about being in traffic for over an hour each day in a car shaking "like hell".

          So I was thinking a blend of ES and OEM motor mounts might be the best compromise...
          But I don't know which motor mount(s) bear the brunt of acceleration (with no gear change) - is it the front and right (so have those with ES, and the rear and left with OEM)? Or is mostly just the front, or just ...?


            the front and rear mounts are the only ones from the kit that you'd use and the ones that keep the motor from moving back and forth like it normally does with stock rubber mounts. and as far as people making it sound like it's that bad, i don't really think it is. the people that say that are expecting to just have no wheel hop or motor movement but because the badge says "acura" it's still luxurious and all that fun stuff. if you want it to still be a stock ride, don't do this modification. and like i've said you get used to it pretty fast.


              As the rear mount seams to be difficult to change, I'll use an OEM.
              But for the front since it is a relatively easy install, I'll use ES and see how that goes - if it is too rough, then will replace it with OEMs and curse .
              As you mentioned that the sides don't seem to be a major factor for accelerating nor idle, I'll just use the OEM ones (and it doesn't seem that ES has them).

              So for the front one, do I need the 16-1109 ES black motor mount inserts 1990-93 Acura Integra (w/ manual trans.) 2 torque mount positions ($18),
              or is it the 16.1101 ES Integra 1990-01 Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer bushing set ($8) which I need? (I was confused from the different forum comments...)


                you'll need the first part(s) you mentioned, the second one is a shifter bushing set.


                  Thanks for your help ljoe!


                    no problem man


                      About the ES motor mount inserts:
                      (remember, they're poly inserts that fit around the stock rubber bushing... they aren't the whole motor mount).
                      Yes the part # is 16-1109 ES black or red.

                      I love them. My front mount OEM bushing was ripped... nasty engine jerk, wheel hop, etc.

                      The mount on the firewall side is an absolute bitch to install, but I would say it is essential to put them both in.

                      The ES inserts fit right around the old ones and snug things up significantly.

                      About the "vibration":

                      I didn't get much of an increase in vibration. However, you can tell your engine is anchored to the vehicle more solidly... it feels more like a sports car. If your engine isn't tuned very well, is having idle issues, or is very heavily modified... the vibration could be annoying.

                      But if your engine purrs, those inserts will just make it feel that much better.


                        exactly. mine feels like a damn racecar