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JDM B16a Block w/ B17a Head


JDM B16a Block w/ B17a Head

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    JDM B16a Block w/ B17a Head

    Have a B17a torn apart right now, and i was just curious if anyones ever done this before. I can get a B16a JDM block for pretty cheap, (both blocks)
    Meaning: JDM
    B16a 92+ (160hp/112lb-ft)
    B16a 88-91 (170hp/116lb-ft)

    Just curious if there would be any gains by using the B17a head with the B16a block. I know the Compression would be up, but the tq would be down just barely a little bit. Anyone ever done this? With either one of those blocks? meaning the two (JDM B16a blocks?)

    Reason- B17a is gonna be builtup, but money is scarce and i need the car to run. Jus curious if anyone had this before to shed some info and what it was like, as opposed to their B17a block with the head. (stock engine)
    Thanks, laters

    The b17a heads and b16a heads are identical, both are PR3



      so pretty much depending on what block i put in, its gonna give me the same thing as if i just swapped the entire B17a with the B16a. Meaning, if i swapped in a B16a (complete motor) from the 92+ with 170hp/116lb-ft, it would be the same differences as if i just swapped my B17a block with the B16a block?

      I just figure, instead of buying the complete swap from for 1700$, just spend 300$ for a B16a block and use the B17a head on it. It will be the same hp/tq as it would be if i did the complete swap. correct? So that way i save about 1200$. Hmmm....

      B17a head w/ B16a block = B16a complete motor (block and head)