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    Rebuild Suggestions

    ok, so i've looked allover for good suggestions for what kind of parts are needed to rebuild the B17a. I've seen allot of topics with different pistons/rods/milling of the head, and crankshaft switches. And i'm not to sure what to do about the build I'm looking at.
    For starters, I have a 92 Integra Gsr, not too many mods, but recently spun a bearing and I've decided to just pull apart the engine and rebuild the block due to blue smoke from the exhaust before the bearing spun.
    First off, the mods allready on the car-

    DC 4-2-1 header
    Morrosso distributor
    Osoku 5-core wires w/ NGK plugs
    Weapon R short ram intake
    Unorthodox crank pulley

    Recent work done- New head gasket, and all gaskets needed for change inside of cylinder head reaplaced. Cylinder head resurfaced, cleaned, and valve job done.

    -Now, I've never really considered rebuilding the block, but since I dont want to trash the block simply because of a bad ring, or piston, I've decided on rebuilding it and using it with the cylinder head that was just redone.
    I guess the main question is what type of pistons and rods does anyone think I should get? I need to buy a crank kit, because on of the connecting rod journals was scratched fairly bad whent he bearing spun, after the kit is bought, what should i do from there? I want to get pistons that will fit into the B17a engine and rods, that will be ok to use with the new pistons, and the new crank kit. will the crank kit effect any specs and what size rods, or what to buy? Anyone have any suggestions? I guess what im really lookin for is suggestions on what parts to buy, and what needs to be done or changed in order to rebuild the block? i looked through the threads, i just didnt see anyone's topics with a similar situations, as for the crank kit and everything. Thanks guys, See ya