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US version CAI on a Canadian car? Or is there such thing?


US version CAI on a Canadian car? Or is there such thing?

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    US version CAI on a Canadian car? Or is there such thing?

    Ok I am looking at a CAI intake that a buddy has. He is in FLA and is offering my a AEM Cold air intake. Seen photos of it but I am confused. My Stock intake has I believe 3 vacume lines running into it. But the CAI he has only has 1 vacume line by the looks of it and well he even says there is only one vacume line on the CAI. Are all CAI;s like this? Or do Canadian cars use different styled CAI intakes? If they use the same are there mods needed to be done to get it to work? Thanks!

    Here are photos of the CAI, Ill post photos of my stock intake to show what I mean....

    Okay, here's the rest of the story:

    It's my intake in question here. I bought it from a guy here on G2IC a little less than a year ago. Right after it arrived, I find out my wife and I are having another baby. So, I return my car to stock, sell all my suspension parts, and never actually install the intake. Fast forward 11 months, and I remember I have this intake sitting in my closet.

    Problem is, its only got one port for a vacuum line. My car (93 LS) has two vacuum lines going into the stock intake (IAB and PCV if I remember correctly, someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    I never actually installed it in the car, but I did do a mock-up (holding it right on top of the stock system) and it looks like it fits perfectly. Anyone know what the hell this thing is? Is it even for a DA Integra, or did I get boned in the first place by the original seller?

    Is it advisable, or even possible, to simply tee off my IAB and PCV hoses and run them into the single port on the intake?

    As a side note, the intake is for sale if Kevin decides he doesn't want it.

    - Jim


      I was also thinking, the line that there are no port for appears to be on the stock one have their own removeable ports from the rubber neck, I myself was wondering if I could just drill 2 holes sized to fit the ports? Any help or anyone wiht a CAi in canada can you help us out with this?


        i have 2 aem cai
        i think the older version tho
        i have only 1 hole too
        i just hookup the breather and leave the tripod thingy open to the engine



          some intakes just came with 1 tube.

          aem though, mine came with 2 holes. one for valve cover tube, and other for somethin else, forgot..

          you can use that tegtip to make 2 if you need it..


            Hmm yea sounded like what my plans were, thanks!