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How to tell what turbo this is


How to tell what turbo this is

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    How to tell what turbo this is

    I just ordered a new turbo and it came today, and I just want to make sure it's the one I ordered.

    Basically what I wanted was the Garrett T3/T4E 50Trim Compressor Stage III Turbine .63 A/R

    Now I didn't open the turbo out of the clear bag, but looking through the bag I see an A/R I see is 60 followed by M24L

    Then when I flip it around I see another A/R and it says .48

    Now the turbo I ordered had an option for a .48 A/R so I'm wondering if I got that, but then why does it say 60 on the other side?

    On the box the Garrett part number it shows is 466159-5011 model TC. Only one link on Google shows that this part number is for the item I ordered but no other info can be found on that part number. There's a few links for the first set of number but the last four are always 5004, 5005, 5007.

    I'd take pictures but the clear bag will make the flash shine off and I don't want to take it out of the bag if I have to return it.

    Any info would be cool.



    That's what I would do.
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      I checked my Garrett cd at work, and it didn't come up.
      So call Garrett