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Car wont start almost everything checked


Car wont start almost everything checked

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    Car wont start almost everything checked

    2 weeks ago the distributor died, the car sat and the alarm killed the battery. i replaced the distributor and jumped the car and it cranked and cranked but no start. not even a sputter.

    - Fuel tank empty.
    1/2 full

    - Battery discharged.
    brand new battery

    - Battery terminal connections loose or corroded.
    pristine condition.

    - Leaking fuel injectors, faulty fuel pump, faulty fuel pressure regulator.
    Blueprinted DSM 450's. 40psi at the rail. Fuel pump primes in the "on" position

    - Fuel not reaching the fuel rail.
    40psi at the rail.

    Ignition components damp or damaged.
    new distributor.

    - Worn, faulty or incorrectly gapped spark plugs.
    3 month old spark plugs

    - Broken, loose or disconnected wiring in the starting circuit.
    14v at the starter

    - Loose distributor is changing ignition timing.
    shes tight

    - Broken, loose or disconnected wires at the ignition coil or faulty coil.
    Brand Spankin new Distributor

    The grounds are reading 0.6 Ohms from Valvecover to chassis and from Trans to chassis. so its not a ground issue. the distributor is sparking. the timing belt is fine. the car will not start on starter fluid. i dont know if the injectors are firing. the car is tuned on TurboEdit.

    * problem fixed. Timing belt jumped 4 teeth on intake cam.


      I would get a new belt/tenstioner for safety reasons. My $.02