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horrible luck on b18 build


horrible luck on b18 build

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    horrible luck on b18 build

    i have a 92 civic 4 door i got for free that was blown up.
    i put a 98 integra b18b1 in it, and boosted it on 8 lbs.
    the only engine management i had was dsm 450cc injectors, and a fuel pressure regulator.
    i ran it for awhile untill my wastgate fell off my cheap ass ebay manifold so i took it all apart and welded it back on and forgot to hook up the vacuum line from the wategate to the turbo.
    i took it for a drive not realizing what i had done and it pulled very hard several times untill i looked at the boost guage and saw it coming down from 15lbs...

    and blown ringland on #1 cylinder......
    : (

    i i had extra ls piston laying around and put them all on my rods so i could use the same bearings.
    and i put brand new piston rings on all of them.
    and i put my fresh b16a head that i just got back from the machine shop on also.
    ls/vtec turbo : )
    used gsr head bolts and cams, drilled out the head for dowel pins.... yada yada ya..
    all the ls vtec shit.
    im not a newb at this , and its not my first rebuild but i have 200psi of compression all the way across now but i have oil in #2 cylinder and i dont have a clue why, the oil rings went on fine and the piston went on fine also??

    just cuz u've built things doesn't mean u did them just right. did u ever check ur ring gap? also did u check that ur cylinder to piston clearance was in spec? and for that #1 cylinder, did u take the measurements of the rod bearing clearance and also of the cylinder to piston clearance? all that stuff is select fit to the cylinder and to the crank. just cuz its an ls piston doesn't mean it'll work effectively.

    but you may already know all that. and if u do have 200psi across all 4..... and still have oil in #2...... it could be coming from the valve guides. i would do a leak down test...... replace ur plugs...... and go from there.

    and whatever u do after, once everything seems to be running fine......... GET THE DANG THING TUNED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. all this stuff and u ain't bothering getting a tune is gonna be a huge waste of time and money. you're pushing the motor without any management or tuning or instincts or anything. a fpr and injectors...... that honestly will probably cause u to run too rich, then cause u to unseat ur rings........ and then BOOM. if anything blow ur rings again....... or worst.


      is there a sure fireway to tell if its an oil ring without oulling the piston back out?

      the head just got back from the machine shop.
      new valves , springs retainers, valve stem seals , resurfaced, everything!

      i hate this crap...


        took #2 and 3 pistons out and rplaced the oil rings on both and it still does it.!