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My turbo setup


My turbo setup

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    My turbo setup

    OK this is what i want to run, keep in mind im on a b16a with zdyne ecu.
    ok my plan is. . .
    14b or T3 off a saab or older 300zx
    12:1 FMU
    DSM side mount
    my cold air intake for the cold pipe
    some mandrel bends for the hot pipe
    1g dsm BOV
    ss autochrome manifold
    2.5 inch custom downpipe
    I have a carsound high flow car right now
    will be a greddy sp for a while, prob gonna be as quiet as stock
    missing link
    check valves
    retard the timing 3-4 degress
    all the oil lines
    6psi prefferebly but I dont know how much ths tock actuator is going to be set at prob 7 im guessing.

    Basically im looking for a reliable turbo setp and will soon after thats complete get larger injectors, 255lph walbro fuel pump, bigger exhaust, thicker head gasket, arp headstuds,apexi safc,bigger more efficient turbo,fmic. I havnt really researched what is out there in the fuel department for obd0, i might do a obd1 conversion and get a hondata s200 not sure yet. give all ytour inputs, I know what im doing pretty much im just kinda new to boosting hondas and whatnot.

    Ditch the ssautochrome manifold, FMU, missing link, and check valves

    Get the inline pro manifold, and go with turboedit for fuel/engine management, xenocron can help you out with that. Go with a front mount IC too.


      As for engine management, thats preference. Everyone likes different things.

      For the intercooler, manifold and all that. Many people always say they will upgrade later, and do, but usually end up doing much sooner than expected. Its best to just do it right, or close to it, the first time if you know what i mean.

      Get a FMIC that will be efficient enough for your future goals. BUying the sidemount is cheap yes, but getting the piping for it is just a waste of money. The sidemounts aren't a bad choice for such a low budget/low boost settup, but if you really have plans to upgrade later on then skip out on that couple hundred you would waste there and get a nice fmic with good mandrel 2.25"-2.5" piping, least number of bends with least degree of bend and some good t bolt clamps with the couplings.

      If you are going to stay with a T3, then get w/e manifold you feel is best. You dont have to go spending tons of money on full race stuff or anything. As long as its positioned nicely and had that T3 flange you can start with a 300z turbo (much better turbo than the saab, volvo) and end up with a super 60 or something if thats what you want.

      Also like the other guy said, FMU's are complete crap IMO. Using check valves sucks to, but if its only temp until solid engine management is in place then go for it.


        TurboEdit is where its at.

        I also agree with Haber's comments about the IP manifold. Its a very nice piece for the price you can get it for. JohnnyRaceCar FMICs are nice and CCA is having a sale right now on their tube & fin FMICs too.