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How does this Set-up sound


How does this Set-up sound

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    How does this Set-up sound

    what up guys, i'm new to the board but have done tons of research on other boards. I'm currently runnin a custom made turbo set-up on my stock d16y8 in my 97 civic ex. Its cool and all but i want to build a b18b for more boost.
    let me run my set-up past ya'll and hear some good feedback from the experts thanks....
    Currently have a very clean dismantled B18b in my garage waiting for the machine shop, i plan to get the block looked at by a machine shop and get it bored& honed to spec for...

    Weisco Piston 9:0.1 compression
    Eagle H-beam rods
    Stock crank (balanced and polished)
    cometic high boost headgasket
    arp headstuds
    block guard
    hasport motor mounts

    LS tranny with stage 2 axles
    Clutchmaster stage 2 clutch kit

    garrett t3/t04e
    turbo xs rfl
    oil lines
    johhnyrace car intercooler
    tial 38mm wastegate
    hondata s100 with good dyno-tune time
    walbro 255lph fuel pump
    rc 440cc injects

    basically the only questions i have is with this b18b what integ ecu should i use? the p75? I know i will have to get a odbII to odbI coversion harness for this, but what ecu should i work to get?
    Also i plan to obtain 260-280 whp with anywhere b/t 12-15 psi. I think that is definetly within reach with this settup but will the motor be able to be a RELIABLE daily driver built within my earlier stated specs? mind you it'll be hondata tuned

    I think you have it mapped out well.

    You should be able to use either a P75 or P06 ECU with the conversion harness.

    Let me ask...why Hondata?


      Why not use Hondata?


        Cuz there are better and cheaper options these days...especially since he is in the PA/NY/NJ/CT area.

        There's TurboEdit for OBD0 - FREE (plus stuff to do the chipping and burning)
        There's Uberdata for OBD1 - Same as above

        And nows there is Neptune...and he just happens to live within a two hour trip from the only Neptune tuner right now. Neptune is Hondata on major crack (feature-wise) and only costs $500 TOTAL, and that includes the dyno tuning.