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    light question

    Ok guys i know these questions have been asked before but i dnt have time to search. I need to know the following

    Light bulb numbers to all the bulbs in the dash including the cluster. (changing color) just need #'s...i can figure out where they go myself.

    What bulbs are hella bright for headlights? (brand/type) Have sylvania 9004's right now but they just dnt cut it. any cheap conversions?

    And last but not there an easier way to rewire the bumper lights to stay on and blink where the bumper itself stays on? (would rather not remove it.) and what is an 1157 exactly?

    Thanks guys in advance. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Well I guess I really am feeling nice today bc the cluster bulbs question has been answered a million times before but here again I help someone out on here...pasted directly from one of my responses in a thread...

    2 194 "wedge" bulbs for the cluster (a third one will be needed if you plan on replacing the low gas light indicator, but only 2 are actually needed for lighting the cluster up)

    3 74 bulbs for the cluster itself
    2 74 bulbs for the light bar above the cluster (i didnt put them in for my conversion, though. I found it took away too much from the look I was going for)
    2 74 bulbs for lighting behind the selector for where you want the air to blow
    1 74 bulb for temp control
    1 74 bulb for the ashtray
    1 74 bulb for the cig light illumination

    As for your other questions, I run HIDs, and that's all I'll ever need. I've haven't turned my headlights (low or high beams) on since I've installed them, cept a few times to flash at (old) poeple that occasionally flash their lights at me (and no my HID's are not installed in OEM lights, they are in my projectors (foglights))

    And as for the bumper light mod, I'm too lazy to do it, so I have no input

    -- Kevin


      Thanks kevin for the info. I really appreciate it.

      Can anyone help me with the headlights? I need sumthing that covers more area and is brighter.

      The bumper lights dont worry about i got it figured out.


        No prob man, here's a little more help

        I remembered reading it recently. Has some decent help/opinions/suggestions on headlights, etc. Hope that helps too.

        More results will come up in the search, I just clicked on that thread as soon as I saw it in the search results bc I remembered reading it...

        -- Kevin


          Originally posted by dateg86
          Ok guys i know these questions have been asked before but i dnt have time to search.
          and why wouldn't you have time to search?

          search 9007 headlight conversion for your headlight question. next time search if you know the question has been asked before.