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replacing the driver side window


replacing the driver side window

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    replacing the driver side window

    I am having a hard time replacing my driver side window, which was broke out a few weeks ago. I have taken off the interior panel and now I am wondering if I need to take off the metal panel ass well. I have taken off all of the bolts, but the metal panel will not come off. I am stuck as to what my next move is supposed to be.

    If anyone is out there with knowledge please help.


    You will need to remove the mirror, behind the mirror is the front screw for the outer window seal. The other screw is at the back of the door behind the rubber seal.

    Remove the outer upper black molding from the door ( a few plastic clips).

    Remove the upper stops from the inside top of the door. Mark where they were before you remove them, makes reinstall go easier.

    Replace the glass.

    You will need to roll the window all the way down to reinstall the outer door seal. Don't over tighten the rear screw it will dimple the door seal!!!!!!
    Reinstal the front screw and mirror. Reinstall the stoppers.