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need some help on changing the wiring harness of my car!


need some help on changing the wiring harness of my car!

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    need some help on changing the wiring harness of my car!

    Hey all, I could really use some reliable here on my next project...

    I picked up a 92 GSR a few weeks ago, got it for a very good price, the previous owner referred to the car as "having a mind of it's own" , "sometimes things just don't work" he said. I examined the car really well and found out someone at one point has butchered the a lot of the wiring under the dash...

    Bad enough to make me want to swap an entire under-dash/engine/engine bay harness...

    I'm having a terrible time finding a manual OBD1 DA I can pull the wiring from, tried 4 junk yards and a couple of parts cars (were worse than mine...)

    My question to those who can help me is:

    Can I pull the wiring from an automatic (ls/gs)? It seems to me all I will need to modify is the harness for the automatic shifter, making the car think it's always in "park", and also custom making a reverse light switch...

    Thanks in advance!
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    dont think gsr came auto 1st but im replacing my harness its 0db0 doing a auto to manual you have to pull alot of shit out to replace it i install remote starters for a living and come across alot of butchered hack jobs what i do is remove all aftermarket electric bullshit then repair each wire using solder no crimps pretty much making it back to factory before installing new product that would be alot easier than converting an auto harness let alone removing and reinstalling that harness


      If you are going to swap out the harness, Swap the whole harness (chassis, engine, and floor) to a GS and sell me the GSR harness. Reason being is that the GSR harness is like no other, and it will be a PAIN IN THE ASS to wire a gsr harness to any other trim's chassis harness.
      There is only one connector on the drivers side, and an extra one on the pass side, and you will need to make a jumper harness to be able to connect and run.

      It is NOT plug and play. I know because i fried not only the TPS, but the ECU as well. i learned from my mistake and i am trying to help you not make the same mistake.

      So, like i said. You should try to work things out with the harness you have, and if you cant, swap the entire harness over to avoid BS.

      and if you decide to swap the whole harness, i will buy the GSR engine harness off you, so give me first dibs

      hope this helps.


        and avoid the whole auto to manual shit too, its just a headache waiting to happen.