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bumper lenses wiring


bumper lenses wiring

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    bumper lenses wiring

    Can anyone please post directions or a diagram on how they wired their bumper lenses to always stay on and turn.....??? I checked the teg tips but they seem kind of unsafe. Thanks

    For the front signal lights, [bumper lenses] to work as park lights and as signal/hazard lights, like the front side markers they will need to be wired to the ICU like the front side markers, the best way to do so is to use relays, [one for each side] not sure just paralleling the wires is a good idea as I am not sure the ICU can handle the extra load of the front signal light bulbs.

    I have not seen the Teg Tip on how to do this so I don't know how safe or unsafe it may be.

    Relay wiring, right side....

    Cut power lead to right front side marker, [green/red] and connect hot side to #85 of relay and ground #86 of relay.
    Run a fused, [5A] lead from batt. to #30 of relay.
    Connect both the front side marker, [green/red] and the front signal light, [green/yellow] to #87 of relay, don't forget to cap off the now unused front signal light power lead, [green/yellow]

    Left side...
    The same as above but the front left side marker lead is green/white and the left front signal light lead is green/blue..

    The only problem with the above is signal light flash speed, because the front signal lights are no longer connected to the signal light leads there is a load diff. and flash speed will increase, like having a burnt out bulb.

    With mods you can install a dual filament bulb, a dual filament bulb holder is needed or a second bulb holder needs to be added, a relay will be needed if you want the park lights out when signal light is on.

    There are a number of ways it can be wired the dual filament bulb is probably the best, works like the tail light/brake light dual filament bulbs, park light is the smaller filament and brake light is the larger brighter filament, in the front the park light would be the smaller filament and the signal light would be the bigger brighter filament, [no need for relays unless you want park light to be out when signal light is on]. 94