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ac worked with radio but, no more


ac worked with radio but, no more

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    ac worked with radio but, no more

    when i bought my car the ac and the radio didnt work, along with the rear defogger and a few other things. the radio still works but its the ac and the defogger that arent working.

    my friend cut into the power wire for the radio and made a connector type thing to plug it directly into the accessory ports above the fuses. when he first got it working the radio, the ac, and the rear defogger started working.

    but then after a while the defogger went out. then the ac stopped working then all but one of the accessory slots stopped working. because of this i KNOW my ac works but fir whatever reason its not getting power, along with the defogger.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    It's a good bet you drive a G2, but MM&Y of car helps.

    Need more info, what do you mean A/C does not work?

    a - A/C compressor does not turn on?

    b - A/C compressor turns on but the air from vents is not cold?

    c - no air is blowing from the vents, [blower motor is not working]?

    a - check the fuses.
    b - check the refrigerant, [R12 if not retrofitted] charge.
    c - Check main acc. fuse, under plastic tab, upper right side of under dash fuse box.

    The acc.power for radio, blower motor and probably rear window defogger, [and maybe a few other things] are covered by the main acc. fuse. 94