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Where does this connector go


Where does this connector go

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    Where does this connector go

    Hey all

    Im in the process of trying to put my DB2 back together 2 years....
    I have the side with the male flat pins not the male connector with the female pins if that makes sense...
    The connector is the one that is next to the green radiator fan connection.
    I have removed all the abs but I think I boobed and removed the male connector. Could some body please tell me were the the hell it goes or a photo of down in by the fan I can find photos of the connector next to the green one but no idea where it goes.

    I have discovered that the female side of the conenctor the two wires go to the fan relay black with yellow stipe +12v and yellow with green stripe ECT switch my AC fan works the relay is missing the feed wires from ECT and +12v ECT switch goes to Diode pack in the dash then back out to the Rad fan relay through this connector im missing some how. My fan relay is installed and functions just no power to it due to the other side of the connector not being there obviously........

    any help would be great.
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    Never mind I found the other end haha I had taped it over and tucked it behind the harness haha all is well im a monkey
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