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Radiator wiring


Radiator wiring

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    Radiator wiring

    ALRIGHT, i removed the air conditioning system and all associated parts. I would like to remove the The wire harness that was left over as well as the left over relays. i already know where the radiator fan relay is, my question is i want to remove the harness and both relays for the compressor clutch and condensor fan but they share the same plugs next to the radiator and i want to know what wires i have to keep and which ones can be removed. I have read just about every thread on here and no one is clear about the correct way to do it. I would like to continue to utlize the stock sensors and not have a swith in my "coin box". Pics would be great and definative instructions from someone who did it right. thanks

    You may not be able to get a detailed (and understandable) walkthrough of this process by posting here. Your best bet is to get your Helms manual and a multi-meter. The helms will help you figure out what wire colors are for your A/C related electrical and what is for your standard radiator fan electrical. When you know which is which you can start removing the A/C stuff. Use the multi-meter to double check anything you're unsure of (use continuity tests to determine where certain wires are run).


      Yeah, i know someone did it before i'm just trying to save some time and cut to the chase. Thanks for the reply!


        Condenser fan relay wires are...
        Blue/black - 12V+ output to condensor fan motor.
        White - 12V+ "daisy chain" input from compressor clutch relay, fuse 20 -15A, [also power for "Radiator Fan Control Module"]
        Black/yellow - relay control from "RFCM"
        Blue to blue/red - relay control from "RFCM" with a parallel from the "A/C Diode".

        A/C Compressor Clutch Relay wiring...
        Red - 12V+ output to compressor clutch.
        White - two leads, 12V+ input from fuse 20 and "daisy chain" to condensor fan relay.
        Black/yellow - relay control, 12V+ from fuse 17 - 7.5A, also power for A/C switch, dimming circuit in control head, mode control motor and recirculation control motor.
        Yellow - relay control from ECU.

        A/C pressure switch wiring...
        Blue/red - from A/C switch.
        Blue/red - from A/C thermostat.

        A/C thermostat wiring...
        Blue/red - from A/C pressure switch.
        Blue/red - from ECU and a parallel from A/C diode.

        A/C diode wiring...
        Blue/red paralleled from A/C thermostat/ECU lead.
        Yellow/green - paralleled with "Engine Coolant Temperature Switch"
        Blue/red - paralleled with condensor fan relay to RFCM.

        I would recommend you pull the relays, switches, thermostat and diode pack and leave the wiring and plugs,
        Most of the connections are paralleled and those connections are at diff. points in the engine bay harness.

        If you want to get rid of the plugs, stagger cut the leads and cover with shrink tube, unwrapping engine bay harness and removing the leads will be a pain. 94