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Blowing Fuses??


Blowing Fuses??

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    Blowing Fuses??

    recently the fuse 15 for the cluster, dash lights and taillights have been blowing. I been replacing it..and it seems to have been fine every few days..then they would blow when i replace the fuse and click the lights on, the fuses instantly blows...

    any ideas on why this is happening?


    You have a short, it can be anyplace in the circuit that is protected by fuse 15.

    If you have an aftermarket HU, [head unit/radio] installed in the dash, remove it and inspect the wiring of the stock radio harness, pay close attention to the red/black lead in the stock radio harness, make sure, if it is not being used, that it is properly caped off, used or not used, make sure it is not being pinched under the back of the HU and the stock rear support.

    The radio harness illumination lead, [red/black] is the most common short in that circuit when aftermarket HUs have been installed.


    MM&Y of car?
    Has car ever been in an accident, if so, to what part of car?
    Has anything been added to the circuit, like illumination for aftermarket gauges, "pimp my ride" lights or so on? 94


      the headunit is an OEM honda one..
      also the car never been in an accident..
      i changed the blulbs for the cluster and dash button things...but there was no problems with that when i did it..


        That will make finding the short harder to find.

        I would start by unplugging the rear harness, [at/around under dash fuse box] and unplug the "Dash Lights Brightness Controller" and the cluster

        Remember, dash lights will not work when "DLBC" is unplugged, it will not effect the test but should be the first thing plugged back in.

        Other possibilities are a short in the clock or stock HU so they should also be unplugged along with the glove box light and the both the radio panel light and the heater control panel lights.

        Once everything is unplugged install a fuse, if it does not blow when you turn on the lights the problem is in/at one of the things you unplugged, start plugging things back in, starting with the "DLBC" then the lights not controlled by the "DLBC", glove box light, clock, radio and one of the lights at the lighter.
        Check fuse each time you plug something in, when you plug something in that blows the fuse you have found your short.

        If the fuse still blows after all the lights are unplugged, the short is not in anything you unplugged and is in the wiring before the things you unplugged or the front park light or it's wiring. 94


          ill give it a try...thanks a lot =]